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    Richfaces 4.3.4.Final together with Primefaces 4.0

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      i use Richfaces 4.3.4.Final as my head web framework for a JSF 2.0 project on a JBOSS AS 7.

      Now I want to add charts to my project and tried to use the Primefaces (V. 4.0)  charts, because

      the usage of primefaces charts is very easy and why not combine the benefits of both frameworks ?


      So, Unfortunately it seems that both frameworks have problems to work in coop.


      After loading the primefaces chart and bring it to the front the richfaces components don't work any more, like buttons und



      Do somebody know the problem or know any tricks to bring them to work together ?


      Here is a code snipped how of my page:

      <rich:tab header="Chart">
              <p:panel header="chart" footer="footer">
                  <p:lineChart id="filled" value="#{chartBean.categoryModel}"
                      legendPosition="ne" fill="true" title="Filled"
                      style="height:300px; margin-top:20px" xaxisLabel="Year"
                      yaxisLabel="Births" />