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    Any chance of a "ballpark" ETA for RHQ 4.10?

    Stian Lund Expert


      After a lot of activity with several versions before 4.9 came in September, it's been quiet. I am guessing the devs are working on 4.10 and that JON 3.2 is involved and requires a lot more QA. Possibly it's run into some problems - that's perfectly understandable.


      But would there be any chance to get a ballpark estimate of when 4.10 will be finished? I don't ask the date, just like 1-2 months, 6 months and so on, so I would be able to make an estimate for when we could upgrade.


      Issue is, we have quite a number of problems with our 4.9 test-install and I've decided to wait for 4.10 to proceed further, and to see if problems with the new graphs is resolved, which is a blocker for us to move up.


      Thanks for any info!