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    capabilities of views/tables in view models in Teiid

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      I've just created my first working view model and I have some questions about the capabilities for teiid.


      I'm using some software that uses the table meta data (like primary keys) to optimise the query's it generated.


      I wanted to use a MySQL view but since this does not provide materialized views it is also not possible to set primary keys etc. I created a virtual table using transformation from a select query. On this virtual table I've then created the primary keys I want. All of this works great.


      But I have some questions:


      1)Is this the best solution to the problem?

      2)I've tried changing the virtual table to a virtual materialized view. Therefore I've created a new Object Model named MaterializedParts and the wizard created a table in there that should be used for materialization. However if I try to deploy the new virtual database then the system tells me that there is no translator set for this materialized object model. Can this be done in memory or should I create a fysical table on a table and select this one to materialize the data to.


      With kind regards