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    questions about the ticket TEIID-2668

    jane_lj Novice



      1. In your comment of TEIID-2668 on 09/Oct/13, you mentioned "With the rationale being that large objects would be sent as blobs/clobs/sqlxml which are part of a streaming protocol and not in the request message."


      So we changed the data column type from List<double> to blob using google protocol buffer. But when we write big size of data to our Teiid VDB by procedure, still getting the same error ( Connection reset by peer: socket write error).

      We are using Blob, but didn't do streaming (call back), is that the reason?


      2. In your comment of TEIID-2668 on 17/Dec/13, you mentioned "There is now a system property on the server side to adjust the max message size and the default was increased from 1 to 2 megs."


      Which Teiid version is this fix in? Where is this system property? And how to change this property if we want to set it to bigger size?



      P.S. -- we are using Teiid 8.4 right now.


      Thanks a lot.