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    how to access a resource(.txt) file , present in a jboss module, from a vdb.xml?

    Madhu Garimilla Newbie

      I have a sample.txt file deployed with in a jboss module com.abc.testmodule. I would like to access this file inside a view with in my vdb.xml. So, i have included my module as a property inside my vdb.xml as


      <property name ="lib" value ="com.abc.testmodule"></property>


      How can i access sample.txt contents inside one of the view definitions in vdb.xml? I am using Teiid 8.7 + EAP 6.1 alpha.


      I am expecting it to work similar to a file translator like below.


      CREATE VIEW my_url (

                          URL string)


                  SELECT URL


                          (call fileModel.getTextFiles('sample.txt'))AS f,



                                  URL string

                              HEADER 1) AS t;


      Any idea how to achieve this?

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