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    Issues faced with executing query on a Salesforce model in Teiid Embedded

    Pranav K Novice



      I am facing issues with querying a VDB having a Salesforce model through Teiid Embedded v8.7. 

      I created a Salesforce model and deployed it using deployVDB(ModelMetadata…) method. The deployment ran fine but when I tried to query the VDB (Select * from Account), I was getting errors saying “Account does not support the query statement”. I debugged the code and noticed that when the tables are generated in the addTable() method of SalesForceMetadataProcessor class, the Properties map is populated with metadata obtained for a particular Salesforce table. The keys added to this map do not match the keys with which data is fetched during query execution in the method: visit(NamedTable obj) of the class SelectVisitor. This is where I am getting the error from. It seems to be looking for a property by the key name ‘{http://www.teiid.org/translator/salesforce/2012}Supports Query’ but when I look at the map, it contains the property by the name ‘supportsQuery’. 

      However, when I used the deployVDBZip() method to deploy a .vdb file made using Teiid Designer, the Properties map was populated with the correct keys from the index file (which match the keys which are used to fetch properties during query execution).


      Can someone please confirm whether they have faced similar issues or am I missing something in the steps to deploy?