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    How to push down where criteria to the source from the view model query when the column involves some transformation

    skethire Newbie

      I have a string column on the source model, which I`m parsing as timestamp on the view model transformation. The problem is that when filtering through that column on the view model, the filtering is not passed to the source model. Teiid just gets all the rows, and performs the filter on the entire result set. As an optimization, is there any way to get it to pass filtering to source model in this scenario?   Of course this would involve converting the time stamp in the incoming query to string before sending it to the source model.


      This is my transformation query:

      SELECT v.volume_id, v.volume_date, v.volume_date_str, parsetimestamp(v.volume_date_str, 'yyyyMMdd') AS converted_date FROM source_s.volume AS v