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    Security domain associated with data source is not getting deleted while deleting the data source,post server restart.

    Amit Jahagirdar Newbie


      We migrated from Teiid 8.4 final to teiid 8.7 final.

      We have custom security domain for our data sources.

      We use JBoss DMR api to delete the datasource and the security domain while deleting a data source.

      With Teiid 8.4 this was working fine and both the datasource and the custom security domain used to get deleted , but with teiid 8.7 it gives following exception:


      {"JBAS014653: Composite operation failed and was rolled back. Steps that failed:" => {"Operation step-2" => "JBAS014762: Removing services has lead to unsatisfied dependencies: Service jboss.security.security-domain.edmsqlSecurityDomain was depended upon by service jboss.teiid.transport.embedded, service jboss.teiid.transport.jdbc, service jboss.teiid.transport.odbc"}}


      I would like to know if there's a quick fix for this issue in 8.7,so it works as it used to in teiid 8.4 ( backward compatibility ).

      Is this something to do with the following point?

      • TEIID-2863/TEIID-2761 More robust GSS-API support. This issue also implements a feature where a user can now define a "security-domain" per VDB. User no longer has to depend upon the transport level authentication.

      Any help in this regard is appreciated.


      Forgot to mention 2 imp things:

      1) This issue occurs post server restart...So its like

           1.1) start Jboss server

           1.2) Create datasource and security domain.

           1.3) stop server and restart the server.

           1.4)  Remove the datasource and security domain.(datasource gets removed but security domain does not get removed).


      2) We are using JBoss EAp 6.1 alpha.





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