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    Reloading model

    Cristiano Nicolai Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm currently facing some issues to keep Teiid model up-to-date as the source datasources keeps changing. Most of the VDBs have dynamic models and what I understand is that the metada-data for a specific datasource is loaded during the VDB deployment. So any schema change on the target DB basically invalidates the current loaded information on Teiid.  My current workaround is to force each VDB to be redeployed so the model gets updated.


      Would you guys have some advice or better suggestion to solve this?



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          Steven Hawkins Master

          Unfortunately there's not really a better approach at this point.  Our metadata system was designed many years ago on the premise that it was not updatable at runtime and was just a hand-off from Designer.  We have been working to update that design through the 7 and 8 releases but we're not to the point of allowing metadata updates involving structural changes on a live vdb.  You can do things to ensure that only a minimal amount of metadata is reloaded, such as only invalidating the metadata cache for specific schemas via the restart-vdb operation or by separating your vdb into several imported vdbs such that only the vdbs that change get redeployed.

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            Cristiano Nicolai Newbie

            Thanks Steven. Based on your commend I saw that the AdminApi provides a restartVDB method which is possible to specify a model to be restarted. I'll give it a go.