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    How to generate transformers for invoking external soap web service

    Nishtha Malhotra Newbie

      I am trying to create a switchyard application to invoke external soap web services, I am stuck at couple of things and need some advice
      I have created a dummy switch yard project.I did the following so far:

      1) Created a service
      2) Created a Bean
      3) Created a reference from the wsdl file from the external web services
      5) Created Java classes from the wsdl, by right clicking reference and using the option ‘Generate Java Interface’
      6) Created Java classes from xsd shared by external web services using JAXB plugin in eclipse


      When I created the reference the ‘Create required Transformer’ check box was checked/selected by default and I even didn’t have the option to check/ uncheck it. It didn’t create the transformers, I was hoping that it would auto generate transformers in the switchyard xml.

      Also, when I right click the composite and go to properties > Transform I don’t see any transformers and when I try to add one from the add option, it displays a pop-up saying ‘All required transforms are created’.


      Can you please guide me on the following?

      1) How can I auto generate the transformers or would I need to create them manually using @Transformer?
      2) Is there a way to test this locally using Junit etc i.e. to call the search/execute method in the web service and  debug it to see what’s happening. I tried using HTTPMixIn, but was no success?

      I have read couple of Jboss article which says, that the 'create required transforms' is editable only if there are no transformers in the project. In this case I don't have any.


      Also, I am referring the below link, is there any other link that can be useful in this case?



      Many thanks in advance

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