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    Query REST service with parameters

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      I'm using Teiid designer 8.5. I've followed the instructions on Chapter 5. Importers to add a Rest webservice.


      Everything works fine when I use a URL that already contains filled out parameters. The wizard created a Model xmi and a ViewModel xmi containing one table based on the following statement.



              A.X1 AS X1, A.X2 AS X2, A.X3 AS X3, A.X4 AS X4, A.X5 AS X5


              (EXEC EpisodeService.invokeHttp('GET', null, 'http://server/service/param1/param2/param3', 'TRUE')) AS f, XMLTABLE('/contacts' PASSING XMLPARSE(DOCUMENT f.result) COLUMNS X1 string PATH 'contact/X1/text()', X2 biginteger PATH 'contact/X2/text()', X3 string PATH 'contact/X3/text()', X4 string PATH 'contact/X4/text()', X5 string PATH 'contact/X5/text()') AS A


      Is there also a way to fill in the contents for param1, param2 and param3?


      I tried creating a virtual procedure using almost the same contents and some parameters. The idea was to replace the string url. But then I get this error message "The query defining a virtual procedure can only be of type Virtual procedure."


      With kind regards