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    Project Update


      We had an eventful project meeting this morning and I want to summarize the outcome to keep the community updated.


      1. Juraci  has been working on integrating RHQ Metrics with Keycloak. He gave a short demo and it looks really promising. The only details left to iron out are authentication realms for multi-tenancy and authentication for pure REST consumers. The work is now on a separate branch and will be merged into the project as soon as the last two details are finalized. Most likely this will not be part of the 0.2.5 release.
      2. John Sanda has made good progress on implementing the schema design changes proposed in previous forum topics. The bulk of the work will be merged into the master branch as early as next week. This work will be the anchor for the 0.2.5 release.
      3. The project switched recently to always build UI artifacts as part of the regular maven build. This lead to a few issues on RHEL systems, most notably the error to build on RHEL 6.6. This only affects users that want to build from source on systems with no recent official nodejs and npm releases. We will work on addressing this issues by taking a few steps. We will use maven plugins that sandbox a specific version of nodejs and npm for build purposes. We will reduce the importance of start.sh. And lastly, we plan on releasing artifacts more often to reduce the need to build from source.
      4. We expect to release 0.2.5 as soon as the schema changes are finalized.



      Please free to contact us with any questions, comments, or proposals.