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    Test JDBC Connection fails

    Ahmad Kamal Newbie

      Teiid Test JDBC Connection Failure.jpgHi,


      I am new to Teiid designer. I get the JDBC connection fail error in my Teiid instance as shown in the attachment. Can someone please help? There is another discussion on this forum where a user forgot his user/pwd but I didn't change the password and the default was empty. If the issue is with password, how can i reset it? The results in the log are:



      09:45:02,513 WARN [org.teiid.SECURITY] (New I/O worker #4) null TEIID40011 Processing exception 'TEIID50072 The username "admin" and/or password and/or payload token could not be authenticated by any membership domain.' for session null. Exception type org.teiid.client.security.LogonException thrown from org.teiid.jboss.JBossSessionService.authenticate(JBossSessionService.java:74). Enable more detailed logging to see the entire stacktrace.




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