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    RHQ Metrics 0.2.5 - Released


      Hello Everybody,

      I am happy to announce release 0.2.5 of RHQ Metrics project.

      Here is an overview of the features added in this release:

      • UI Console
        • Added grouping to console for organizing sets of metric charts saved to browser storage
        • Added default group so users returning to the console page later see the same metric charts as last time
        • Drag and drop ordering of selected charts (order is saved withing a group)
        • Standalone Charts tags (can be used on wiki pages etc)
        • Refactored charts to own bower package and git repo
        • Build moved to a maven based plugin to use a fixed version for nodejs and npm regarless of environment
      • Cassandra


        • New schema which includes initial support for:
          • multi-tenancy
          • tags
          • availability metrics in additiona to numeric metrics
          • meta data
        • Configurable Cassandra connection settings (port, nodes) via system properties
      • REST


        • New end points built on top of the new schema (not yet supported in the UI):
          • Creating tenants
          • Creating, reading metrics (excluding data)
          • CRUD APIs for metric meta data
          • APIs for inserting and querying metric data, both numeric and availability
          • Create and query tags
      • OpenShift




      A big "Thank you!" goes to John Sanda, Mike Thompson, Heiko Rupp, and Thomas Segismont for their project contributions.