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    Release 0.2.6 - Planning


      Hello Everybody,


      Here is a list of features that we plan to release in version 0.2.6:

      • UI
        • Charting enhancements(interactive stuff)
        • Console uses new REST Api for new C* schema (and new capabilities)
        • Move the UI build completely to npm, grunt and bower (including war creation)
      • Cassandra
        • Initial support for configuring data retention
        • More tag filtering, OR semantics
      • "In-Memory" Datastore
      • InfluxDB
        • Influx query parser based on ANTLR grammar replaces regular expression based parser -> stronger base for full compatibility
        • limit clause support
      • REST
        • Prototype testing outside of the container using non-java frameworks
        • More automated tests


      This is not a final nor an exhaustive list of all the work but rather a set of big items that will guide the timeline for the upcoming release.

      Any discussion, suggestions or contributions are more than welcomed.

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          I just want to clarify the point about the "In-Memory" datastore. From a user perspective, the proposal captured so far in Github (issue 75) does not differ from the current "in-memory" store. But it has a lot of advantages. 

          Just to enumerate a few advantages to switch to an embedded Cassandar server:

          1. No development time spent updating a highly experimental data store that has no design similarities with a "partioned row store" engine
          2. Predictable memory consumption; the memory store had an unbounded upper limit on the memory usage
          3. Tuneable data retention - the memory data store was erased on server restart, the embedded Cassandra can be configured to do anything
          4. No user configuration required to have the project running out-of-box; but possible to expose additional configuration as necessary (such as data retention)
          5. Predictable performance between the two operational modes; the current "in-memory" store has no resemblance to a true production deployment with an external Cassandra.


          The goal for 0.2.6 is to lay a strong foundation for the embedded Cassandra. Additional configuration options and advanced features would be part of subsequent releases.

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            IMO this  in-memory database discussion is hidden under release planning so probably nobody will read it. It should probably be its own topic NOT nested under 'Release 0.2.6 Planning' but its own topic.