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    Problem previewing data

    Weston Stevens Newbie

      Trying to closely follow the Teiid Designer 8.2 Quick Start Guide. I am using Eclipse Luna on JDK 1.7 on Windows 7.


      I seemed to install Teiid Designer without problems. Step 4 is giving me all kinds of issues though. I guess I'm unable to create a server without problems.


      I am trying to re-use the same Wildfly server I created in Chapter 3. jBPM Installer. I am able to add this server. It is shown as 'stopped' but when I start it I get "Server already running on localhost" and when I click OK to just set the server as started it just hangs forever.


      So I have to end task Eclipse, reboot, and rerun all the steps up to step 4 all over again, because apparently you can't just reload the servers, connections, and models you created before. No, you have to start back from scratch?


      Let me know what I'm doing wrong thanks