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    Wildfly cluster standalone - user accounts and session replication

    Tomas S. Newbie



      We have been using Wildfly 8.2.0 domain cluster for a couple of months and we have experienced terrible stability problems particularly during deployments, redeployments and assignments... (BTW: it seems we are not alone, almost identical problems are described e.g. here).


      It seems that there is a problem in domain controller or its management interface and it establishes a single point of failure (often something is deployed using the web interface, the deployment hangs and the whole cluster goes down).


      We have decided to move to the solution using standalone servers connected to the cluster. It seems working well so far. But, of course, without domain there are certain issues to solve:


      1. Are there any best practices regarding shared user accounts? In this configuration, the user accounts need to be established on every single node, which is impractical and annoying for production use of course?
      2. What about session replication - should it work the same way as in domain? We have certain issues with it and there is a lack of resources.

      Thank you.