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    LINQPad4 returns unsupported schema when connecting to ODATA

    Richard Campero Newbie

      Teiid Versions 8.11.0.Beta3 and also tested 8.10.1


      Encountering issue accessing the ODATA served by Teiid for VDBs created with the designed as well as a dynamic VDB tested (shown below).  The VDB/$metadata retuens when looking at it from within a web browser.


      Error for LINQPad is the following when accessing the Dynamic VDB:

      - This schema is unsupported - EntityClassGenerator returned the following error: XmlSchemaValidationException.  The 'name' attribute is invalid - the value 'NorthwindModel.Alphabetical_List-of-Product' is invalid according to its datatype 'HTTP://schemaes.microsoft.com/ado/2007/05edm:TSimpleIdentifier


      Similar error when accessing the VDBs built with the designer

      The Schema is unsupported.  ... Value 'List(Edm:Int16)' is invalid according to its datatype ...


      Dynamic VDB.


      <vdb name="northwind-rw" version="1">

          <model name="nw">

              <property name="importer.importKeys" value="true"/>

              <property name="importer.importProcedures" value="true"/>

               <source connection-jndi-name="java:/northwindDS" name="northwind-connector" translator-name="odata"/>




      and associated Data Source


                      <resource-adapter id="northwindDS">

                          <module slot="main" id="org.jboss.teiid.resource-adapter.webservice"/>


                              <connection-definition class-name="org.teiid.resource.adapter.ws.WSManagedConnectionFactory" jndi-name="java:/northwindDS" enabled="true" use-java-context="true" pool-name="northwindDS">

                                  <config-property name="EndPoint">






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