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    How to prevent Double Click or 2 clicks on Button/Link in JSF 2.x

    Sandeep Singh Newbie

      Hi All,

      Looking for a optimal solution to prevent double click or 2 clicks on command button, command link, a4j button and request triggered by Ajax.

      Over the net many solution in terms of java script but none of them looked feasible for me.

      Current situation is I have 3 web application or 3 separate GUI projects

      GUI 1 - close to 600 buttons/links

      GUI 2 - close to 1100 buttons/links

      GUI 3 - over 2000 buttons/links

      The only things common between the above 3 GUI projects is they get few common components from GUI-Common project.


      Hence looking for a centralized and optimal solution to handle the above mentioned double click issue.


      Thanks & Regards,