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    like expression in select statement fails against Sybase

    gadeyne.bram Master



      I'm currently using Teiid 8.9.1.


      Sometimes I use a like statement within the select statement to evaluate whether or not some text contains a certain sub-string. e.g:


      select outcome like '%died%' as died

      from patients


      Some databases support this and return a boolean value but others (like sybase) don't. This results in an exception "Incorrect syntax near keyword 'like'"


      Would is be possible to rewrite this for Sybase (and maybe others) to something like:

      select case when icuoutcomename like '%overleden%' then cast(1 as bit) else cast(0 as bit) end as mort

      from patients


      I used cast(1 as bit) and cast(0 as bit) here because it seems like Sybase does not support true and false.


      With kind regards