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    teiid/queryengine/embedded is not started error

    kchen007 Apprentice

      Hi, from time to time, some of customer will report error like the following, the teiid.queryengine.embedded service was not started. most time a restart will fix the issue. but we want to understand how it can happen in the 1st time and is there any way to prevent it from happening.




      2015-07-14 10:00:34,630 SEVERE [org.teiid.jdbc] (http-/ Could not create connection: org.teiid.jdbc.TeiidSQLException: TEIID10036 org.teiid.core.TeiidException: TEIID10036 org.teiid.core.TeiidRuntimeException: TEIID40067 javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Error looking up teiid/queryengine/embedded, service service jboss.naming.context.java.teiid.queryengine.embedded is not started