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    Log4j 1 and 2 Teiid Logger implementations

    Gary Gregory Newbie

      Hi All:


      I use Teiid Embedded in two projects. One with Log4j 1, and the other with version 2.


      I see inLogging in Teiid that Teiid supports Log4j 1 but I do not see this Logger implemetation in Teiid Embedded. The only Logger implementation I found in Teiid Embedded is for JUL.


      I have Teiid Logger implementations for Log4j version 1 and version 2 I am willing to donate to make logging to Log4j simpler out the box.


      Is this something the Teiid project is interested in? Just like any other dependency, dependency on Log4j is optional until you actually use these classes.


      Thank you,