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    Offline docs for 8.x?

    Marco Ardito Master


      I would prefer to have also offline docs for Teiid, and I've read on the project home page that thay are no longer available, as it was in the past for 7.x.

      Why? I have a slow and expensive home connection, and I'll need to read a LOT docs... and also would like them on my smartphone, to read them in spare time.


      I found several export options in the Confluence documentation, and those could be more than enough for myself but I can't export whole sections, since it says "Internal Server Error (500) No export permissions for space or export root page."

      I thought to download several smaller sections, and then merge the PDFs locally, but that also happens on subsections, like (eg) SQL Support - Teiid 8.12 - Project Documentation Editor

      (and support link there goes nowhere).


      I don't want to bother devs, which are busy enough, adding a request for this, but is it possible in any way?

      Otherwise it's ok, but I'll have less time to read them...


      Thanks, Marco