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    the best way to update teiid standalone, keeping all custom settings/deployments?

    Marco Ardito Master



      I'm following this project since years, but lately I'm struggling to understand it better, and to keep it "in shape" in order to be able to use it in production, soon.


      But, as soon as a new version comes out, I wish to try how it works, if bugs have been solved, and so on, obvioulsy, perhaps.


      Any "old" standalone install always has its:

      - users/roles settings

      - custom configs,deployments (driver & vdb .jars)

      - custom(ized) resource adapters & connection definitions

      - custom jdbc data sources,

      and so on.


      And for new teiid versions I usually like to try also new appserver (jumping from AS7 to EAPalphas to Wildfly...)


      I try to deploy as much as I can by web interface, but sometimes guides, suggestions make me try jboss-cli commands, or else.


      for users, roles, I can (for minor or compatible versions ugrade), simply copy .properties file under <basedir>/standalone/configuration, itjust works.


      For all the rest, I know that standalone-teiid.xml has many of those settings, but I can't simply copy/past just them, as many XML settings rely on deployments and CLI-made settings

      So, I usually end up re-doing by hand, in the order

      - all driver jar deployments (web console)

      - all resource adapter & connection definitions (CLI)

      - all jdbc datasource definition (web console)

      - all vbd jars (web console)


      and I always fear to make mistakes here and there...


      How can I "upgrade" my install (or a testing copy of it), in the easiest way, in order to make thesmottherst transition from a new teiid version?


      Any suggestions, or experience to share, in order to keep, in the simplest/safetst way, my teiid framework up to date?