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    Is a snmp translator possible, and worth?

    Marco Ardito Master


      while I was thinking about snmp data collected in my lan, data read from many peripherals by specialized software using the snmp standard, I thought about a sort of snmp translator, that could be able to get the same data as SQL directly in teiid.

      I don't know if it could be possible, and worth, and even if I am not asking to add to teiid also network monitoring features - at all -  I am wondering if this could just be another datasource, allowing to get data from remote systems in SQL form.

      I wonder if this could help in some way...  maybe not.


      The idea came to my mind because I have many network printers, and a monitoring tool that can export csv file collected from lan printers, and I used to import that into mysql to get usage history, and I was thinking to read those .csv directly with teiid, but generating them is a bit cumbersome and quite manual (with that tool). There could be better tools, like this maybe SNMP Trap Collector download | SourceForge.net  and ismilar tools, which query snmp and store results in PostgreSQL...


      So this is just to know what you think about this, and maybe - who knows - learn that this is already possible in some way that I don't guess now...