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    Which Teiid/AS versions... at runtime?

    Marco Ardito Master


      a lesser question maybe, but since I have not yet understood how this is managed in Teiid, sorry.


      I have a 8.12.3 teiid server, and I think I am sure of this just because its folder is named "teiid-8.12.3" since it's been extracted from a "teiid-8.12.3-server.zip" file I downloaded.

      I guess it should be Teiid 8.12.3 on EAP server, since now Teiid site offers a link for "8.12.4 With EAP" like "teiid-8.12.4-server.zip"


      But my runtime says different...

      - the web console has a top header logo like "Wildfly + Teiid 8.11"

      - accessing with jboss-cli.sh -c I get

      [standalone@localhost:9999 /] ls

      core-service                           socket-binding-group                   management-minor-version=7             profile-name=undefined

      deployment                             subsystem                              name=debiantemplate                    release-codename=Janus

      deployment-overlay                     system-property                        namespaces=[]                          release-version=7.5.0.Final-redhat-15

      extension                              launch-type=STANDALONE                 process-type=Server                    running-mode=NORMAL

      interface                              management-major-version=1             product-name=Teiid                     schema-locations=[]

      path                                   management-micro-version=0             product-version=+ Teiid 8.11           server-state=running


      and what is this about?




      I am even not so sure about the AS type/version.

      - as said the web console states: "Wildfly + Teiid 8.11"

      - but the version.txt says

      /teiid-8.12.3# cat version.txt

      Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform - Version 6.4.0.Alpha1


      ...maybe I'm picky, but is there a way to absolutely be sure which real software versions I have in use anytime, anywhere?