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    Is there any way to create a valid .cli script from the current configuration?

    Marco Ardito Master


      I'll try to explain what I mean with the subject, I know it could seem a bit weird...


      I am a teiid user, still learning to put it in production, and I am willing to learn a good way to reproduce my "current" setup into a new version of teiid (I usually try the server bundle, now released with wildfly 9.0.2 afaik), in order to check usual things,

      - possible regressions,

      - old bug that should be solved,

      - new features,

      - etc.


      since my setup is growing in complexity, it becomes more difficult to be sure, on my side, to test the same exact setup I have in the old version


      I usually need to

      - deploy jdbc drivers jars, then

      - create jndi datasources (Xa, non-Xa, and from resource adapters like file, google, etc)

      - then deploy teiid vdb xml files which rely on the above being active/working


      So, I asked on teiid forums (see the best way to update teiid standalone, keeping all custom settings/deployments?)

      about what was the best way to exactly replicate my current config into a .cli script that I could deploy with jboss-cli.sh


      After learning most CLI commands and experimenting a bit, I got a line from a Teiid developer (shawkins) suggesting me to ask, here, if something similar exist, or if it could be implemented, if not.


      The ideal would be to get only settings changed from deafults, if possible, so that I could simply load it into the new wildfly/teiid version with

      bin/jboss-cli.sh -c --file=config_dump.cli


      This could also be a very good method to backup/document the whole server configuration, imho.


      but I don't know if all this is possible or if it makes sense...


      Thanks for any suggestion,