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    Create XA datasource with the help of Teiid Admin Api


      Could you please guide me to create XA datasource pragmatically by using teiid admin api.

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          You should be able to use same semantics as the driver based connection for data source, it should work. As in EAP/WildFly the CLi for creation of these is same. You may have to know what properties to set, let me know if does not work with code you tried.



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            Hi Prakash,

            as Ramesh said above it should just be the same (with correct parameters/properties to config them) as regular non-xa datasources.


            You can find many examples digging into teiid quickstarts (look for .cli scripts) GitHub - teiid/teiid-quickstarts: Quick starts for Teiid


            Eg, this is a basic example for a datasource (note lines could be wrapped):

            /subsystem=datasources/data-source=h2:add(jndi-name=java:/accounts-ds,  enabled=true, use-java-context=true, driver-name=h2, connection-url="jdbc:h2:mem:accounts;INIT=RUNSCRIPT FROM '${jboss.home.dir}/teiidfiles/customer-schema.sql'\;",user-name=sa, password=sa)



            (taken from teiid-quickstarts/setup.cli at master · teiid/teiid-quickstarts · GitHub)


            You can just create the script, name it something.cli, and then depoloy it using

            <jboss folder>/bin/jboss-cli.sh -c --file=/path/to/the/something.cli


            if all ends well, you'll something like a




            output for each script line


            You can also use variables in scripts to simplify their management, like (example for non-xa mysql datasource)

            #----------------- something.cli start ------------------------------------------------------------------

            set username=myusername

            set password=mypassord

            set server=jdbc:mysql://

            set driverclass=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

            set driverjar=mysql-connector-java-5.1.22-bin.jar

            set validconnsql="select version();"

            set validonmatch=true



            set dsname=mydsname

            set dbname=mydbname


            /subsystem=datasources/data-source=$dsname:add(jndi-name=java:/$dsname, enabled=true, use-java-context=true, driver-class=$driverclass,driver-name=$driverjar,connection-url=$server$dbname,user-name=$username,password=$password,check-valid-connection-sql=$validconnsql,validate-on-match=$validonmatch)


            #----------------- something.cli end ------------------------------------------------------------------


            I'm currently not using xa datasources, but in the next days I'll try to make one in this way, so that it could be more useful.