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    Unable to establish jdbc connection to server "jdbc:teiid:ping@mm

    Shiloh Jordan Novice

      I am trying to start my Teiid instance.  When I click on "Test Administration Connection", it results with OK status.  When I l click on "Test JDBC Connection" - I am getting error:


      Unable to establish jdbc connection to server "jdbc:teiid:ping@mm://localhost:31000"


      I have read other threads that people have posted and I have tried the same steps they used to resolve their issues but they do not work for me.  I have added an application user and management user through command-line and verified that these users are in the .properties file. 

      I did see from another thread that someone said to check in a teiid-security-users.properties file but I do not see this file anywhere in my directory.  I do have






      but there is no teiid-security-users.properties


      I have also verified that my WildFly Runtime 9.x is using the standalone-teiid.xml configuration instead of standalone.xml.


      What else can I try here?