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    Select label are not always read

    gadeyne.bram Master



      Has something changed in the JDBC driver?


      Since teiid 10.3 (I think) I something encounter problems with software not reading column labels where it used to do this in the past.




      select c.ICUSessionID, admw.wardname as AdmissionWard, disw.wardname as DischargeWard

      from #tmp_cohort c

      left join kd_matric.md_admissionwards admw on admw.wardid = pa.AdmissionWard

      left join kd_matric.md_dischargewards disw on disw.wardid = pa.DischargeWard;


      returns the columns ICUSessionID, wardname, wardname instead of the expected ICUSessionID, AdmissionWard, DischargeWard in Rstudio using RJDBC.


      I'm wondering if the is a change in Teiid or rather in RJDBC or some other software component.