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    Changing Schema names in VDB

    prabeesh raman Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am new to Teiid VDB JBOSS development. I have a VDB created and deployed in Dev environment, this is connecting DB2 database in underlying datasource. The DEV DB has a schema name like DEVDB01.

      This deployment is tested and confirmed to be fine. Now i would like to deploy this VDB in ST region, How do i modify the VDB to point to ST region DB2 which has schema like STDB01.


      Do i need to build the whole view and other fields or  is there a easier option to update the VDB to change schema name from DEVDB01 to STDB01?


      Please excuse if this is a basic question as i am new to it, still trying to figure things out. I tried searching the forum and big G. but nothing i saw seems to address the issue i am facing.