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    Support for OData complex types?


      How can we provide/implement our own complex types when exposing an OData API from Teiid?


      For example, if I have a Postgresql table which has two underlying column names "PUBLISH_DATE_START" and "PUBLISH_DATE_END", is it possible to make these available as OData filter parameters, using the syntax "PublishDate/Start" and "PublishDate/End"?


      Hope my question makes sense.





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          One way I can think of is create view of the table in Postgresql in Teiid, but do not expose those two columns. Then create another view with above PUBLISH_DATE columns along with the PK of the table. Now create 1 to 1 mapping between two. This will not create complex type but two entities and then you can use the navigation to get to it, which kind of similar.

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            Great, I was starting to use this approach, so I'm glad to hear I was on the right track!


            But I'm can't figure out how to implement a 1-to-1 mapping. Do you mean creating a third view, which combines the two views? I think that the column names would still be "flat", e.g. CREATE VIEW MyNewView (id bigint, publish_date_start date, ......), etc. Not sure how to explicitly define this 1-to-1 relationship.



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              When you create a view create Primary key and foreign key relations like shown between tables here Schema Object DDL · GitBook