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    Identity/Access Management/SSO UseCases

    Anil Saldanha Master

      ---------2009 Update--------------
      http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=viewforum&f=305 is the location for "JBoss Identity User Forum"

      Currently, JBoss has support for SSO as:
      a) SSO across all webapps in a particular Host (Apache Tomcat behavior)
      b) SSO across all webapps in a cluster (JBossWeb/JBossCache offering)

      Apart from this there is support for Ldap integration via the LdapxxxLoginModules from the JBossSX framework

      I want to hear from users what usecases they have in the arena of Identity Management including WebSSO, User Provisioning, Federation etc.

      Please do share some of the usecases you have in your environment. Refrain from providing any company specific details, which will be boring and may sound legal alarms for you.

      Here is a rough outline of what you can post here:
      1) How do you handle SSO in your environment?

      2) How do you do User Provisioning - Password Maintenance, Account Maintenance etc?
      - Is the user information stored in a central ldap or across distributed data stores (ldap/db etc).
      - Do you use any kind of homegrown gui -webapp/ vendor tool to do user management?

      3) Do you use federation with other websites outside your company, with your customers/partners etc?

      Please feel free to add as much detail as you wish.

      The objective behind this exercise is to see if we can enhance our security layer in the JBossAS to provide support for some of the usecases, you guys have.


      My Blog: http://anil-identity.blogspot.com

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