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    Running under tomcat

    Dan Keeley Newbie


      I largely have my vdb running now, and working under tomcat.

      The problem I have is this error:

      Jun 10, 2009 14:22:10.677 [http-8080-Processor25|0] ERROR <DQP|0> Failed to Properly initialize the Connector manager for Connector Binding "TeiidDB_1.ora Connector"
      com.metamatrix.common.application.exception.ApplicationLifecycleException: no protocol: classes12.jar
       at com.metamatrix.dqp.embedded.services.EmbeddedDataService.initConnectorManager(EmbeddedDataService.java:587)

      the vdb works when I execute it in eclipse.

      The problem seems to be that when i execute it in eclipse, it uses the connector, but when in tomcat it uses the bound connector as defined on the execute tab. And in that connector i've typed in the same details as the connector in the designer. i.e. classpath is just set to classes12.jar

      Does classpath need to be set to something else?

      Teetering on the edge of this working now - Many thanks!