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    Getting Driver while connecting to Oracle.

    Vijaya Kadiyala Newbie

      I am trying to import Oracle tables into Teiid designer.
      Steps i performed:
      1) Created a new model project Named "Portfolio"
      2) Right clicked on this and within the pop-menu i selected Import
      3) Then i used Metadata from JDBC database this opens a window "Import Database via JDBC"
      4) Then i clicked on the Source Button.
      5) The I clicked on Add button to add new source.
      6) Then I gave Name as "Oracle JDBC"
      7) Then i selected Driver as ODBC via DSN.
      8) I updated the URL with the DSN i use in my application to connect to Oracle
      9) Then i provided the User Name.
      10) When i tested the connection it says "Connection succeeded".
      11) Then control came back to Import Database Via JDBC where i can see the DSN which i specified in step 8.
      12) Then i clicked Next and it open up with the "select database Metadata" and different tables types.
      13) I selected all and clicked Next.
      14) I see all the tables within the schema.
      15) I selected only 2 tables clicked Next..then i got the below error.
      [Microsoft][ODBC driver for oracle]Driver not capable

      I am using windows xp.

      I tried using SQL Server by following same above steps, there i can't see the database which i used in DSN. I only master database.

      So i am almost dead in water... I spent 1 full day to figure it out..but getting same problem over and over...

      The question which i have is am i following the right direction!!! is there any better way to do this??

      Thanks -- Vijaya Kadiyala