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    Upload and Download to/from JBoss AS through JMX

    Luiz Antonio Falaguasta Barbosa Novice

      Hi people,

      Please, I would like some ideas to make possible the uploading and downloading of archives to/from JBoss AS through JMX.

      I have an web application that needs to access a JBoss AS remotely or from the same machine (the web container into JBoss AS or a separated container in the same machine, like a Tomcat running independently).

      So, I must create an web interface to:
      - list all the archives into JBoss AS (.ear, .jar, .sar, .rar, .war, .esb, etc) into server/default/deploy directory;
      - make possible to download each of them, by clicking on its URL link;
      - upload archives to server/default/deploy directory.

      I found something related in http://www.servletsuite.com/jmx/jconsole.htm, but, from my requeriments, it only allows the upload of archives into server/default/deploy directory and the visualization of archives into this directory.

      Please, does anybody know where could I find a source code to do this and if it is possible to download archives from server/default/deploy directory using JMX? If not, which other way could be used?

      Thanks in advance!