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      Am I alone to think that JBoss really lack good documentation ?

      I'm beginning whith this program, and I find it's really hard to find good and complete examples, or tutorials or so...

      Oh there's well a QuickStart Guide, but 1) it is about the old version of JBoss and 2) it's not always complete and well explained.

      One thing that surely corroborates my point of vue is the number of topic in the forum !!!

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          The Quick Start guide is for the 3.0 series and that is about as new as you can get :-)

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            Look at this, click on "Installing JBoss" and read the second or third paragraph... It's just an example.


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              That is a link to the obsolete online manual for roughly 2.3, not the quickstart guide for 3, which you download from the sourceforge download page.

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                Good documentation can be bought online,
                I did it for JBoss 2.x and I can only
                recommend it.

                That way you also support the JBoss team...

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                  I can understand you've to make money and therefore to make some ad, but I do not have that possibility.

                  And seemingly I'm not the only one in that case. I think people prefer asking on forums than paying for good documentation.

                  But I don't know how goes your business... I hope I'm wrong...

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                    Bad luck, if you look at the front page more carefully, you'll see a big red tag saying "DRAFT". And if you try to read somewhat about webservices, you'll see the word 'draft' is well choosen.

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                      Looking at the documentation page it appears that the full 3.0.x Admin and development guide is now available for $10 [http://www.flashline.com/Components/View.jsp?prodid=4875] - looks like it's been available since the 6th but the website's only just been updated.

                      Has anyone bought this documentation yet?

                      I've found the quickstart quide is getting better. The first time I downloaded it, it was only about 30-40 pages long. The version I've got now is 134 pages, and whilst it's still missing a few bits it's still pretty useful.

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                        Oh my version had 'only' 105 pages (with the ten last white...). I'm gonna have a look

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                          Buy the admin guide. Its worth it !!

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                            I've got the documentation and its worth having. And as someone pointed out, over time the documentation is improving.

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                              The link http://mailweb.udlap.mx/~carlos/jboss/www.jboss.org/online-manual/HTML/index.html says it is the documentation, but as far as I can see it's the old 2.4 documentation. Is this some kind of fake or what?

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                                I've wondered for a while where was that bloody template project they speak about in the QuickStart guide.

                                I see that the jboss webmasters finally have updated the 'documentation' section. It's now possible to buy doc or download examples and... the famous template project.

                                Webmasters, this is a great step forward for the user-friendliness of your program...

                                Yet I won't forget how much time I wasted looking for this bloody .ant.properties file in my installation directory...

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                                  > I can understand you've to make money and therefore
                                  > to make some ad, but I do not have that possibility.

                                  What you are telling us its that you prefere crawl the forums for hours to have an unofficial information than to spend a few bucks to buy the official doc. What is your hourly rate ?

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                                    So according to you, money is the only thing that could empeach people buying official doc ?

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