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    RF 3.2.0. Snapshot problem

    Tomislav Jakopec Novice

      I try to deploy RF 3.2.0. Snapshot (manual build) and get this error on page with datatable

      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP:

      An error occurred at line: 122 in the jsp file: /core/maticni/operater/PregledOperater.jsp
      The method setId(String) in the type UIComponentClassicTagBase is not applicable for the arguments (JspValueExpression)
      120: </r:dataTable>
      122: <r:datascroller id="scrollerTablica" for="tablica" maxPages="20"
      123: renderIfSinglePage="false" />
      125: </r:panel>

      its working fine with 3.1.3

      Is 3.2.0. still not deployable or I am doing something wrong?

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