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    JBoss Eclipse IDE, Eclipse 3.1 and upcoming WTP versions

    Max Rydahl Andersen Master

      There seem to be alot of confusion about which JBoss Eclipse IDE work with which versions. This sticky post is an attempt to inform about what the *currently* released version works with.

      The currently released version (1.5M2) is verified to work with:

      Eclipse 3.1
      WTP 0.7M4


      1. Why does JBossIDE x.xx not work with Eclipse y.yy and WTP z.zz

      Most likely because Eclipse's internal API's has changed.

      2. Using internal API is bad, why are you using them ?

      Because alot of the functionallity we provide in JBoss IDE is only
      doable when using internal API's (e.g. java code completion in other
      editors than the java editor)

      3. Why don't Eclipse make the internal API's public ?

      Well, because they need to ensure that the API that is public can
      be well supported in the future.

      JBoss does what it can in helping Eclipse in identifying which API's should be made public so 3rd party vendors can extend the platform in new ways.

      4. Can I do anything to have JBossIDE work on the latest versions ?

      Yes! Contribute patches/fixes to us and we will gladly apply them.

      5. Can't I just keep posting again and again on the forum that it does not work ?

      No - we simply ignore such things. It is much better to take the matters in your own hands and help out - in that way you learn something and you also help others.

      7. When I use the updatesite my installed WTP stops working

      This is mainly because WTP releases does not "bump" their version numbering and as such when you download from an updatesite you can get libraries that is actually older (or newer) than your WTP installation require even though the version number is the same.

      Now with 0.7 coming up it will be even more fun since the update mechanism will think that the old libraries (1.0.x) are newer than the latest (0.7.x).

      Workaround: Remove any trace of old WTP's before installing JBossIDE or other WTP related plugins.


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