I'd like to introduce you all to the newest Seam Community member to step up and help us with Seam 3, Hanneli Tavante! Hanneli lives in São Paulo.

Hanneli (a.k.a. @hannelita) is a developer addicted to code, learn new 
programming languages, frameworks, blow capacitors, do some C programming 
to relax and commit useful (or unuseful) code for random Open Source Projects 
that she finds at Github. She met JBoss products into 2009 and since then she 
tries to help the community with her blog, http://hannelita.wordpress.com.
She also likes coffee, specially the ones from Starbucks. 

Hanneli's help comes at an excellent time as we prepare for the Seam 3.1 release in the coming months. She will be helping us create more cross module examples and improve overall documentation for our release!