We're back from JavaOne and it was great! I could use various other superlatives to describe the event from a JBoss perspective but sometimes a picture really does paint at least a thousand words! First let's take a look at some shots of our booth in the pavilion.



It was packed almost continually and particularly when we were giving the booth presentations, such as this one from Manik Surtani on Infinispan!



A couple of our projects were also Dukes Choice Award winners! In these pictures you can just make out Andrew Rubinger, Aslak Knutsen and Dan Allen receiving the awards for Arquillian and Netty. Congratulations to the teams and their communities!





I won't include any of the photos I took of various JBoss people out and about or partying, since I don't want them reciprocating Of course the major sad news during the event was the death of Steve Jobs. Not only was there a moment's silence at the JavaOne party where Sting dedicated Fields of Gold, but the keynote on the next day also held a moment's silence.



We had a lot of talks at JavaOne and AS7 was the subject of many of them. It was really great to see the amount of interest from the attendees on what the team have been doing for the past 2 years. Here's a representative shot of Andrew's session afterwards, where it seemed like the entire audience came up to ask more questions!



Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of my "guest slot" at the keynote on Tuesday, but it and our sessions should be available online soon. And watch out for other posts from the rest of the team on their JavaOne experiences!