The first of two rounds (or maybe three) of revision of the Java Community Process specifications is reaching it's first public draft review stage this Friday at midnight. Head over to the JCP page for JSR348 to view the draft. There are only 30 days until voting to approve the draft concludes, so you should have your comments in within the first 2-3 weeks to have the most impact.


The JSR348 project page is located at, and there you can find links to the JSR348 Issues tracker, and mailing lists and archives.


Note that the scope of this initial revision is limited to what are deemed non-controversial, so you should browse the list of issues deferred until phase 2, read the public draft, review the various discussion mailing lists, and then raise an issue to make your voice heard.


If you feel there is something you would like to raise or comment on, but aren't sure you want to do that yourself, drop me a message with your comments and I'll see if I can be your advocate.


Scott Stark