Seam XML Configuration Alpha 2 has been released. The Seam XML Configuration module is a CDI portable extension that allows you to add, modify and extend CDI-discovered beans using XML as an alternative to annotations.


This release contains bug fixes, and some new features. The maven artifact id has changed with this release to 'seam-xml-config'.


New Features Include:


•    Interface configuration - If an interface is wired up via XML then this configuration is applied to all beans that implement this interface.


•     Shorthand field setting syntax - Field can now be set as attributes on the class element, instead of :
  <t:myField>Hello World</t:myField>


Field values can be set using the following shorthand syntax:


<t:MyClass myField="Hello World" /> 


•     Generic Beans - Intended as a tool for framework writers, generic beans allow you to define a set of beans generic that are related to a primary bean. Every time the user wires up a bean based on the primary bean Seam XML installs a corresponding version of each of the secondary beans, with the same qualifiers as the bean the user wired up. A good example of this is in the drools module here.


In this example every time a user wires up a DroolsConfig object in xml a corresponding KnowledgeSessionProducer, KnowledgeBaseProducer, KnowledgeAgentProducer and several other beans are automatically installed with the same qualifiers as the DroolsConfig object. For more details see the reference documentation.