Seam Persistence Beta 1 has been released. To get started put the following in your pom.xml:






The release adds support for Seam managed Hibernate sessions, and fixes a bug where the SMPC would not join a transaction correctly if used outside a transaction.


Seam managed hibernate sessions are configured via producer methods:



   public SessionFactory createSessionFactory()
      Configuration config = new Configuration();
      return config.buildSessionFactory();


This declaration results in the creation of two beans, an application scoped SessionFactory and a @RequestScoped Session.


This Session can be injected as follows:


@Inject Session session;


This managed session will automatically join the active transaction, and allows the use of EL in queries:



Hotel hilton = (Hotel) session.createQuery("select h from Hotel h where{hotelName}").uniqueResult();


This is the last release of Seam Persistence that will use Weld Extensions. Weld Extensions has been renamed to Seam Solder, and future release will require Solder instead.


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