I am having so much fun developing with OpenShift (specifically minishift). It is so cool to be able to change my code, build and deploy with one simple command.


$ oc start-build MyProject --from-dir=local/git/project.git


This command will pull my local changes, build them and deploy to OpenShift allowing for immediate testing using s2i. If you aren't familiar with s2i, it is a tool that will take your source code, create a docker image automagically. think about all the time I wasted over the years writing code, compiling and building a deployable artifact (like a WAR), and re-deploying to my server (sometimes this even required a server restart).


Upgrade your development experience with minishift! I am even helping a coding instructor set this up for his coding class to allow his student to have a better learning experience. They will spend their time more affectively learning how to code instead of spending wasted days setting up and debugging issues.


Have fun being productive!