• Design Notes for JSON and XML formatters

    Moved to https://github.com/wildfly/wildfly-proposals/pull/47
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  • The future of the management console

    We're currently working on the next major version of HAL. HAL.next will include all features of the current management console plus many new features such as macro recording, topology overview, better keyboard support...
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  • HAL - SSO with Keycloak

    Overview This document describes how to add SSO support in HAL using Keycloak and Elytron. The focus is on the client side and what it takes to support SSO in HAL. It’s based on an PoC by Pedro Igor (psilva). &#...
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  • BMUnit : Using Byteman with JUnit or TestNG from maven and ant

    Let's assume you know what Byteman is . . .  This is the Part Two (of three) in the Byteman tutorial series, explaining how you can use Byteman to improve the simplicity, quality and coverage of your unit, integ...
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  • JBoss Passwords - not secure, but recommended

    Following article describes how the passwords in JBoss can be secured: https://community.jboss.org/wiki/JBossAS7SecuringPasswords The key point is however missing there: What benefits it gives?   It is not secu...
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  • Building Narayana and updating WildFly modules

    From beginning I work with Narayana on WildFly I struggle to build Narayana and update WildFly modules with the changes coming from the new build. This is necessary especially when working with some patches or fixes N...
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  • Teiid Release Procedure

    Once the release criteria have been met, which will minimally include no test failures and no unresolved issues, the following can be used from your current working copy to create the target release.   Documenta...
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  • Design for Cross Site Replication

    This document has MOVED.  Please visit infinispan-designs/Design-For-Cross-Site-Replication.asciidoc at master · infinispan/infinispan-designs · GitHub   UPDATE YOUR BOOKMARKS!
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  • Newcastle Based Student Projects

    The Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK office of Red Hat is predominantly a middleware engineering centre, with core developers from several middleware project teams. In addition to projects in those areas, the following topics ...
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  • OpenShift Community in und um OWL

    Im Rahmen der JBoss User Group trafen sich am 24. 2019 Openshift Interessierte in den Räumen der S&N Invent AG. In dieser Kick Off Veranstaltung kamen ca. 25 Personen aus 7 Firmen mit einem breiten Interessen...
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  • JMXConsole

    JMX Console  After JBoss has succesfully started you can locate the JMX console at http://localhost:8080/jmx-console in the default distribution. Notice that if you have configured the servlet container (Tomcat)...
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  • Teiid Designer 11.2 Release Notes

    Release Notes - Teiid Designer - Version 11.2                             ...
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  • Teiid Designer 11.2.1 Release Notes

    Release Notes - Teiid Designer - Version 11.2.1Feature Request [TEIIDDES-2963] -         Add Multi-selection capabilities on the directory tree [TEIIDDES-2964] -  ...
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  • Unable to find JGroups backend implementation class: org.hibernate.search.backend.jgroups.impl.JGroupsBackend

    Hello,   After finally trying to upgrade our Wildfly 10 Server to Wildfly 15 I get the following error when trying to deploy an application. It seems that from wildfly 12 on the hibernate jgroups depency is some...
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  • Advanced Java EE Lab (FEL ČVUT: podzim 2018)

    V rámci podzimního semestru akademického roku 2018/19 probíhá na FEL ČVUT série setkání ve fromě kombinovaných přednášek a laboratorních cvič...
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  • Releasing Hibernate Search

    Requirements You need to have access to http://ci.hibernate.org/: the release process is now driven by CI You will also need an account on JBoss Nexus   Release process  To prepare and release a new version...
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  • Narayana Release Process

    This page provides a list of instructions that must be done in order when doing a release of Narayana. MASTER Notify the development team of your intention to do a release. Try to give as much notice as possible but a...
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  • How to install JBoss AS 7 as a Linux service

    See also: Start JBoss AS On Linux Boot - applies to JBoss AS 4, 5 and 6     This assumes you have JBoss AS 7 unzipped under /sw/AS7 . The following operations are supposed to be done as the root user. (An...
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  • Custom log handler to filter Exception logs

    JBoss log manager currently doesn't support filtering logs on the basis of Exceptions thrown. Currently it's  not possible to use a regex filter as the stack trace is not used in when testing for matches. So only...
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  • Checking Your Byteman Rule Scripts Under Maven

    What does the Byteman rulecheck maven plugin do? Byteman release 2.1.3 introduced a maven plugin which runs the offline rule parser and type checker before executing any of your maven tests. This pluin allows you to b...
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