• Adding class loading lock to JBoss Modules

    We are running into https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8232997. In our case this results in a JVM crash when loading custom JFR event classes. The cause seems to be when multiple threads end up calling #defineCl...
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    last modified by Philippe Marschall
  • BeanIO Reader with Validation

    My bean has annotations for a field to not be null. It works -   2019-11-11 14:38:41.860 jberet-1                   ...
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    last modified by Richard Moore
  • Benchmark between different versions of Narayana JTA

    Hi, We have an application running using narayana 5.5.32.Final. We recently upgraded it to narayana 5.9.0.Final. We are seeing a 10% performance degradation. Is there any benchmark available for between versions?
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    last modified by Venkatramanan Swaminathan
  • GC (Allocation Failure)

    Hi, I'm migrating Java 1.7 to 1.8 and JbossEAP6.1 to WildFly14.0.1. we are on AWS and we notice on the logs of the dockers that there are many errors of the type: [GC (Allocation Failure) 1085489K->562034K(1908224K...
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    last modified by Mohamed Chaabani
  • Database connections locked in JBoss when trying to delete several million records

    Hi, I am using Jboss 7.1.6 with hibernate 5.1.17. I have a scheduler that deletes my older records every day. The problem is the transaction trying to time out after few minutes but i think the cancel transaction gets...
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    last modified by Deivarayan Azhagappan
  • Messaging-activemq (resource definition)

    Hello there,   I am working on the creation of a new pooled-connection-factory (messaging-activemq) for a specific test I am doing. Within the definition of this resource I can see:   thread-pool-max-size:...
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    last modified by Marcelo Leite
  • JDBC Authentication with salted-simple-digest-mapper, Invalid base 64 character

    Hi, I use Wildfly 16 and I want to deny the access to my webapp. I configured a jdbc realm with a simple-digest-mapper and it worked, but only if I put the encoded password into the password field.   I want t...
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    last modified by Nicole Müller
  • issues trying to deploy to tomcat 8.5+

    Hi guys; I am having some issues integrating tomcat 8.5 or 9 with weld and my existing app.  I have downloaded the uber jar  'weld-servlet-shaded-3.1.3.Final' and dropped it in my web-inf/lib application di...
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    last modified by guy katz
  • java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/omg/CORBA/LongHolder after migration from WildFly 8.2.0 to WildFly 18.0.1

    I am trying to move my application from WildFly 8.2.0 to WildFly 18.0.1. After migration using jboss-server-migration tool I get the following error when starting the server: Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError...
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    last modified by Adrian Zmău
  • java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot find KieModule: com.ilfs:nrda:1.0(JBPM 6.4)

    2017-08-17 16:22:12,158 WARN  [org.jbpm.console.ng.bd.backend.server.DeploymentManagerEntryPointImpl] (default task-56) Deployment of unit com.ilfs:nrda:1.0 failed: java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot find KieModu...
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    last modified by anuj singh
  • Cannot find KieModule: com.packagename:jbpmassets:1.0

    I am creating a jbpmasset maven artifact and installed that in m2 repo trying to deploy it via rest and getting below exception: VERE: Servlet.service() for servlet [dispatcherServlet] in context with path [] threw e...
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    created by Kunal Kumar
  • Website FAQ

    issues.JBoss.Org changed to issues.RedHat.com ! General questions How can I contact administrators of jboss.org? Where are the Hibernate forums? Why is there no Drools (previously known as JBoss Rules) f...
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    last modified by Vlastimil Eliáš
  • EJB Configuration migration from JBOSS 4 to JBOSS EAP 6/7

    Hi Everyone,   Currently in jboss 4 we have configured  jndi naming  services as below   <service-config name="jboss:service=Naming"          delegateC...
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    last modified by sg reddy
  • Configurar SSL no Wildfly

    Olá a todos! Não entendo nada da configuração do Wildfly e estou tentando instalar um certificado adquirido na Certisign em um Wildfly que está no Debian. Já consegui publicar...
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    last modified by William Toyama

    I am running keycloak 7.01 (WildFly 9.02) with a Let's encrypt certificate. I followed the 7.0.1 instructions for setting up SSL. I can  curl https://hostname:8443 to get the welcome page curl https://hostname:...
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    last modified by Martin Kuhne
  • How to use keycloak authentication for ejb remote client with wildfly elytron security?

    I've some web application which authenticates on Keycloak and call EJBs. The security in Wildfly is configured with Elytron and the security context is propagated correctly between web and EJB.   Now I've to wri...
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    last modified by Marco Benuzzi
  • Handling Teiid thrown Exception during VDB deployment

    byte[] vdbBytes = vdbHelper.getVdbByteArray(theVDB); try { // Deployment name for vdb must end in '-vdb.xml'. String deploymentName = vdbName + Constants.DYNAMIC_VDB_SUFFIX; // Deploy the VDB clientAccessor.getCl...
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    last modified by Ravi Raj
  • Wildfly 10 default ActiveMQ client cannot connect to server

    Hi all,   I'm new to Java EE and I'm working on my JMS test application I'm using default messaging-activemq in standalone-full.xml   Here is what I have in jndi.properties: java.naming.factory.initial=or...
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    last modified by Vladyslav Baidak
  • JBPM 6  Custom work item  in Subprocess and per process strategy fails to get handler

    Hi,     We  just migrated from JBPM 5.0 to JBPM 6 and struck at an issue described below. Any help towards solving this will be appreciated. Environment: JBPM 6 , used as  embedded  JBP...
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    last modified by Bruce KR
  • wildfly-18.0.1.Final: Not all attributes are listed via console

    When opening   Configuration => Subsystems => Configuration => Security (Elytron) => Security Realms => JDBC Realm => Principal Query   the field "Attribute Mapping" shows only the first ...
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    last modified by Wolfgang Mayer