• WFLYDM0023: No mgmt-users.properties files found.

    Hi , everybody, I am newbie in widfly, downloaded widfly version 11 final , at the moment of execute add-user.bat and choice some option A or B ,it is throw me this error:"WFLYDM0023: No mgmt-users.properties files fo...
  • Wildfly keycloak and application configuration | how to resolve this error

    ESC[0mESC[31m16:36:59,379 ERROR [io.undertow.request] (default task-1) UT005023: Exception handling request to /sample/: java.lang.NullPointerException         at java.lang.String.c...
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    created by Lilly rose
  • Deploy jBPM 7.8.0 in Tomcat - Not able to Login using tomcat user

    I am trying to deploy jBPM 7.8.0 in tomcat.   I have placed the war files in webapps directory in tomcat 7.0.40. Java 1.8.   I have made the changes as per the readMe files in kie-server & kie-wb war f...
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    last modified by Aravind PS
  • Apache reverse proxy setup with Jboss and docker swarm

    Are there any proper documentation for Apache reverse proxy set-up with Jboss and docker swarm. My current set-up is  Nginx-Jboss-docker swarm and it works pretty good.   Can anyone tell which is the best A...
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    last modified by Aby Babu
  • Wildfly 13.0.0.Final error UT005014: Failed to parse request: io.undertow.util.BadRequestException: UT000165: Invalid character ä in request-target

    We have recently migrated and deployed our application.EAR (API's) packages in wildfly 13.0.0.Final from GlassFish 3 in Linux environment. While testing application api's its not supporting scandic characters and givi...
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    last modified by sivasankar vennala
  • Application Not Accessible Via. IPv6 in wildfly 9.0.2

    I have deployed two applications in wildfly 9.0.2 and everything working fine. My fellow developer asked me to enable IPv6.   I have modified standalone.conf.bat to enable IPv6 as follows, -rem # set "JAVA_OPTS...
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    last modified by Sreekanth N Shenoy
  • Elytron with JWT and OIDC

    Apologies in advance if this is covered already, but I have spent a lot of time searching around and haven't found anything conclusive.   I'm trying to configure a REST web service to accept JWT bearer tokens fo...
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    last modified by Erik Mattheis
  • New opensource application based on JavaEE 8 / WildFly 13

    Hello everyone, I adapted my historical project started in the distant 2004 when there was j2EE 1.4 and switched to javaee 8 on WildFly 13. This project represents a forum that includes both api rest and a jsf client....
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    last modified by Luca Stancapiano
  • HTTP GET/POST unit tests on WildFly 13.0.0.Final with JUnit 4 & 5 (Jupiter) now all return 404

    I have recently upgraded to WildFly 13.0.0.Final running on EE8 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.8 from 12.0.0.,Final,  where I had a series of Unit Tests accessing my web services using the Apache HTTP Core & Clie...
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    last modified by Roger Lee
  • Define list of UDF in VDB definition

    Hi,   I am trying to define multiple UDF functions in VDB definition but unable to load multiple UDF at a time, @ VDB Definition - Teiid 9.0 (draft) - Project Documentation Editor it's mentioned that we can defi...
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    last modified by Kulbhushan Chaskar
  • Avoiding JNDI lookups in Narayana JTA

    I'm looking to enable the usage of the Narayana transactional interceptors in CDI 2.0 SE with no JNDI involvement, and also the usage of the TransactionContext class in Narayana JTA's CDI integration without the usage...
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    last modified by Laird Nelson
  • undertow load balancer monitoring

    How would I go about remotely monitoring an undertow load balancer to determine which backend nodes are currently connected and available through the load balancer in EAP 7.1/Wildfly 11.    Previously with...
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    last modified by Jonathan Trafford
  • Data source password changes for every 90 days. Any options to have fixed login.

    Hello All,   Q.1: We have odbc connection created on the Wildfly server and we are referencing the connection as data source. Since our odbc password changes for every 90 days, we will have to configure the conn...
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    last modified by Srinath Kankanala
  • Different behavior observed between Shrinkwrap Resolver and Maven

    Hi guys,   Thanks for Shrinkwrap it's a very nice and useful lib. I'm trying to use it on the XWiki project.   However I've noticed a difference in the resolved artifacts. I have the following code:  ...
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    created by Vincent Massol
  • Performance

    How to increase the performance of wildfly 13??   what are the steps to increase it?
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    last modified by Aniruddha Kulkarni
  • How to speed up TEIID loading.

    Hello, I have ~ 100 VDBs (most of them are just newer versions of older VDBs). All of them use just one datasource (for simpler example) - postgres database defined in standalone-teiid.xml . Why TEIID standalone (wi...
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    last modified by Lukáš Svačina
  • how to configure HAProxy for load balancing with Teiid

    Hi,   We have our teiid setup in domain mode. We want to haproxy for load balancing.
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    last modified by Aditi Patel
  • DECLARE and SET not working on VDB

    We are executing below on VDB: DECLARE @date DateTime SET @date = (SELECT CURRENT UTC TIMESTAMP) SET @date = dateadd(dd,-5, @date) Error Message: [Code: , SQL State: 50000] Remote org.teiid.api.exception.query.QueryPa...
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    last modified by Aditi Patel
  • Using different job repositories?

    Hello,   I want to use different (JDBC) job repositories in one JBoss application server to separate jobs for different tenants.; my plan is that the jobs for every tenant are packaged into its own WAR package a...
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    last modified by Christoph Rettig
  • upgrade JBeret version in JBoss EAP 7.x

    Hello,   from what I see in the JBoss modules the EAP 7.1 platform comes distributed with jberet-core-1.2.4.Final-redhat-1.jar.   As now JBeret 1.3.0.Final Release is out there for 2 months I wanted to ask...
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    last modified by Christoph Rettig