• Does Wildfly/Undertow support byte-range requests?

    Hello everyone,   I'm using Wildfly 8.1.0.Final (among other things) for retrieving static content (web optimized PDF files). I've placed those PDFs under $JBOSS_HOME/standalone/deployments/ROOT.war/. However, w...
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  • Using RocksDB Data Store shows "malformed WriteBatch" error

    Hi.  I've been using Inifinispan Embedded Caches in my application, and recently I've started using a RocksDB data store for one of my Infinispan Caches.  This is in a Spring Boot application.  My confi...
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  • Certificate was not decoded - no values of attribute []

    I am trying to configure client-cert authentication on WildFly 13. When I generate my certificates using keytool everything works fine, but when I generate the same cert with KeyStore Explorer (I am sure they are the...
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  • Cookie path setting seemed ignored

    Since Wildfly 11, when I set the cookie path of my own cookie (not the session one), it seemed ignored : The cookie is created, but with the 'default path' corresponding to the web-app path   I set the cookie pa...
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  • Wildfly service not start on Windows 2012

    HI.   I have installed Wildfly (11.0.0 Final) service on a Windows 2012 server by typing command:   C:\EAI\wildfly-11.0.0.Final\bin\service>service.bat install ........... ........... ........... S...
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  • WildFly 14 migration | RestEasy issues

    Hello, we are currently on wildfly 10 and now planning to move to WildFly 14.0.1 Final. while we attempt to deploy our ear , we see issues around deployment for existing Filters written in our application.   w...
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  • JSESSION ID is not changing after authentication

    Hi, I have an application running on wildfly 8.2.1Final and I added the below property to the standalone.xml   <system-properties>     <property name="org.apache.catalina.authenticator.A...
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  • HornetQException[errorCode=2 message=Cannot connect to server(s). Tried with all available servers.]

    Hello,   This is my configuration (standalone.xml - version jboss 7.1.3):   I use a inVmConnectionFactory for local client only.           <subsystem xmlns="urn:...
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  • Unable to authenticate for using of remote EJB from Wildfly Swarm

    I have very basic application almost copies from EJB invocations from a remote server instance - Latest WildFly Documentation  - Project Documentation Editor But my client is wildfly swarm with following configu...
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  • Commercial Support for Thorntail/Wildfly Swarm

    Hello,   Much like JBoss EAP exists in place of Wildfly,   Is there a Commercial Offering for Thorntail/Swarm?   Thank you.
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  • How to change JBoss(EAP) 6.4.0 log location to shared Network Drive ?

    Hello Everyone.   I am struggling from past few days to change JBOSS 6.4 Log location to Shared Network Drive . I am able to pass the location in startup commands and it works fine.   But i want to make th...
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  • WF14 Elytron security Roles mapping

    Hi   Having troubles migrating to WF14 from WF10 due to the new security.   So security was set up as follows: /subsystem=elytron/jdbc-realm=EcrmRealm:add(principal-query=[{sql="SELECT password, 'Default'...
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  • Beginners Tutorial for beetle-studio

    Hello together, I am trying to get beetle-studio up and running with a mysql database in my Minishift environment. I cloned the sources from GitHub GitHub - teiid/beetle-studio  and got it deployed. I end up wit...
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  • Elytron Bearer Token Authentication - Return a 401 on Expired Token?

    Currently in Elytron, when a Bearer token fails validation due to the token being expired, a 403 Response is sent. See: http://docs.wildfly.org/14/WildFly_Elytron_Security.html   I am curious if there has been a...
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  • response.sendRedirect issue with Wildfly 10.0.1

    Currently I am facing the issue with Wildfly 10.1.0 Same web application working perfectly on Wildfly8.1.0 where as it is not working on Wildfly 10.1.0 when the servlet redirects to jsp by response.sendRedirect("xxxxx...
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    created by Bhaskara Undi
  • WildFly-Undertow HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() not working for relative URL

    Perhaps this is a configuration issue or someone knows a work-around. But I cannot get HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect() to work correctly. This only happens to me with Wildfly 8. I created a sample app that works on...
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  • Could not create AdminClient: ADMC0016E: The system cannot create a SOAP connector to connect to host localhost at port 8880.

    I have configured to run WAS 8 remote to run arquillian integration tests using the following GitHub repository,     GitHub - arquillian/arquillian-container-was: Arquillian WebSphere Containers   ...
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  • Extending Wildfly, Documentation Example, Debugging The Model [Please Help]

    Hi,   I'm trying to create the example subsystem in the documentation.  Here is a link http://http://docs.wildfly.org/14/Extending_WildFly.html#examples-in-this   I think I have made an error but I cant...
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  • Change Infinispan cache-availability status

    Hi,   I am trying to change the cache-availability status of infinispan through the management REST interface as a work around to address the issue here. However, the REST request fails with the following error:...
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  • WildFly 11, Elytron, Vaadin 8 LDAP authentication issue

    Hello. We are using Vaadin 8.3.2, CDIUI, and WildFly 11 with Elytron authentication. When we try and use an LDAP realm to login to the UI, instead of a DB realm, we get an exception when selecting a view from the main...
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