• Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalStateException: No instances of [org.jboss.forge.roaster.spi.JavaParser] were found on the classpath.

    I have added the roaster-api into the my project. And try to execute the code below and get the error. Please help.
    Jason Law
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  • Management console from fedora repo

    I'm having trouble with wildfly installed from the fedora repo.   I'm running fedora 27 and I installed the wildfly package from the repo. I started the wildfly service and wildfly 10 runs on port 8080. I added ...
    Martin Rixham
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  • Inconsistency with @RevisionEntity

    I have a project which has its own set of entities that come from two different schemas   I also need to bring in two projects that have their own persistence schemas and bring data from separate DBs, obviously...
    Steven Steven
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  • JQuery AJAX calls within portlet jsp pages

    I have tried to add JQuery AJAX calls in jsp page within portlet in the following way ..   1- Added code into JSP page <script type="text/javascript">         &#...
    Abdul Basit
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  • REST Task jBPM 7.4.1

    Hello Everyone,   I try to call a RESTfull Service within a Business Process. I defined a WorkItemHandler and I defined the attributes I need for my REST Call. I tried to set all my variables like the instruction...
    Lewin Schaudt
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  • InvalidMagicIdException: Error reading magic byte or message - Infinispan version 8.2.8

    I have a standalone Infinispan cache with 2-3 named caches. Am not using any clusters. I use Hotrod to connect to the cache. I have written client that  will expose the Infinispan Cache APIs to any calling applic...
    Harish As
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  • Undertow hang up

    Hey, i am trying to get some advice regarding resolving stuff. Maybe its my issue but it seems it might be an issue with undertow. Need your advice.   I am using spring-boot 1.5.7.RELEASE included with undertow-...
    Vladimir Ilmov
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  • SSL dynamic configuration

    How to create SSL dynamic configuration in WildFly ? I have a certificate and i want used for way - *.mail.447
    Артем Ильиных
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  • Replicated Cache - org.infinispan.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: ISPN000476

    Hi All, We are using infinispan replicated cache and observing below error in our performance test lab setup.   Infinispan version - 9.1.1 Final   Replicated Cache Configuration : <replicated-cache na...
    Neeraj Mohta
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  • Wildfly 10 clustered timer not recovering after DB connection timeout

    I have clustered timer that uses database store: <database-data-store name="synctimer-cluster-store" datasource-jndi-name="java:/si.telekom.jdbc.syncdatasource" database="oracle" partition="syncTimerPartition" ref...
    Srecko Mandelj
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  • JBoss SSL configuration issue

    Hi everyone,   I was trying to configure Wildfly to use https. this are the steps I did.      1)     I created a self-signed certificate       ...
    Jijo Nemera
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  • This week we have started to see multiple applications on our JBOSS Platform where users are not able to log into the applications and there are stale connections in our Microsoft SQL Server Databases.

    Re-deploying the applications through JBOSS seems to temporarily help but I don't think we should have to regularly re-deploy applications in order to for our user base to be able to access the application.  Has ...
    Charna Bean
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  • WildFly 11 - Domain mode, EJB RMI, 2Way SSL and DB authentication

    I'm at a loss for how to achieve this configuration!   I had this working in WildFly 10 using Picketbox, but now in 11 I couldn't migrate it successfully to a working Elytron configuration. I followed the docume...
    Joe Schmoe
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  • This week in JBoss (10 November 2017)

    Welcome back to another edition of JBoss Weekly! We’re excited to bring to you news from across the net relating to JBoss Middleware. Those of you who attended Devoxx Belgium, we hope you had the opportunity to ...
    Jason Porter
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  • Thread dump with many threads blocked on getInitiatedClasses

    I have a thread dump from a customer's Tomcat app with 150 threads blocked on calls to sun.instrument.InstrumentationImpl.getInitiatedClasses0(Native Method).   The common calls for all of these are as follows: ...
    Tyler Benson
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  • Another "Using XMLBeans binding for JAX-WS web services" Problem

    Hi All!  I've been struggling with this for two days now and I'm closer - but still getting an exception and I was hoping someone could possibly help be troubleshoot or overcome it!  This old discussion is m...
    Jason Glass
    last modified by Jason Glass

    I have configured a wildfly to use BC-FIPS as the security provider and I have configured a keystore of type BCFKS to work with it.  I added the provider to java.security as the first provider and added BCFIPS to...
    Laura O'Donnell
    created by Laura O'Donnell
  • Slow performance spring.io flow from ActiveMQ to OracleAQ with XA

    I have a Spring integration flow which bridges from ActiveMQ to OracleAQ. See example project under GitHub - cknzl2014/springio-ora-xa.   When I run it without XA, it is blazingly fast. With XA, it processes o...
    Christoph Künzle
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  • How to Create Separated Log Files for WAR Applications

    Hello I am Begginer in jBoss Deploiments Try to create separate log files by applications Someone can Help me Please ? Thanks in advanced.
    Alx Reds
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  • WildFly 11 - JAX-RS + EJB + Validation

    @Stateless @Path("/test") public class TestService {     @POST     public void test(@Valid TestForm form) {         ...     } } &#...
    Stanislav Grushevskiy
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