• Foreign key constraint issue in WildFly

    When we migrated from WidlFly 8, we are getting following error on starting server: insert or update on table "app_data" violates foreign key constraint "fk1vm6v5waa98rhou9eawcso86m" However, we are pointing to an e...
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    last modified by valsaraj viswanathan
  • how to use rewrite url in jboss eap 7.0

    Hi Team,   I want to rewrite url "/my-app/scripts/*"  to "/scripts/* in undertow subsystem in jboss eap 7. Where can i put <rewrite> tag in undertow subsystem  and how can i change url from "/my-...
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    last modified by anuj kumar
  • Can't query datasource from cli when it is defined as a variable

    I am using EAP 7 (7.2.0 specifically).  I am using a system variable to define the name of my datasource, with the value passed in to the standalone.sh script (i.e. standalone.sh -Ddatasource=OracleDS ...)  ...
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    last modified by fibber
  • CommandDispatcher message ordering

    Does CommandDispatcher make any guarantees about asynchronous message ordering? In other words, if I call executeOnMember() multiple times in a row, is the receiving node guaranteed to receive the messages in the orde...
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    last modified by Greg Brown
  • Communication between Jboss Undertow load balancer/Web server and jboss app server

    Hi Team,   Our legacy application uses static contents (styles/images/scripts) packaged inside war. Below is deployment model we are following.     Current deployment model uses: Manual deployment to...
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  • Wildfly HA in Openshift

    Hi,   I'm trying to enable HA in Openshift, but failing miserably...   So far, I got tips from various sites: - Getting Started with JBoss EAP for OpenShift Container Platform - Red Hat Customer Portal -...
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    last modified by Claudio Weiler
  • How to leverage Elytron components for embedded OAuth 2.0 implementation

    Having been away from WildFly for 5 years, I find myself tasked with creating a minimal OAuth 2.0 IDP implementation, and would like leverage the new Elytron components in an appropriate way.   Specifically: ...
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    created by Timothy Burt
  • How to add Elytron jdbc-realm in embed-server mode? (wildfly16)

    I am trying to add a configure a jdbc-realm using the jboss-cli in "embed-server" mode but it keeps failing.   I have managed to condense my problem down to a minimal example on a completely clean Wildfly16 inst...
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    last modified by David Gill
  • Migrate old jsp website/app from jboss 3.0.8 to wildfly 17 final

    Hi,   Is this possible, will the old jsp website code be compatible? I am just hoping someone can set me off on the right track. I have found what I believe to be some old .ear files of the webapp in a backup fo...
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    last modified by Patrick Misner
  • Infinispan Lucence Directory - IndexWriter Master/Slave best practices?

    Hello,   at our company we are going to implement the infinispan lucene directory. We have now got some problems with the IndexWriter. The documentation points out that there should only be one IndexWriter wit...
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    last modified by Andrew Higgins
  • Soap service not getting hit while routing through camel rest service deployed in JBOSS fuse

    Hi All,   I am trying to route to an external SOAP service through CAMEL Java DSL deployed in JBOSS FUSE. I am getting this issue org.apache.cxf.transport.http.HTTPException: HTTP response '405: Method Not Allow...
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    last modified by Ligia Jaise
  • How to read json data in JBPM (Red Hat BPM)?

    I am calling an API which gives back the data in the form JSON. I am storing it in a process variable. Whole JSON data is storing in the process variable. But I want to fetch particular fields only how can I achieve t...
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    last modified by Mani Karthik
  • Unable to Set CRON expression or ISO format expression to achieve repeatable timers

    Hi Team,   We are uisng JBPM 7.6.0.Final, while trying to set a time cycle for achieving repetitive timer we are getting below exceptions.   from Eclipse plugin i was not able to add  cron expression ...
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    last modified by Sandeep Chebrolu
  • Loadbalancer client-certificate into HTTP header

    Hi I configured a wildfly loadbalancer to terminate TLS connections with x509-client-authentication. Now I want the loadbalancer to give the certificate to the application that is being accessed with an HTTP-header. B...
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    created by captain_goldfish
  • Wildfly 17 logs AMQ601265 message too frequently

    Hi All,   I have just upgraded to wildfly 17. Unfortunately, the server is running out of disk space because of following info message. I can filter this message but i just want to know is there a configuratio...
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    last modified by savas aydin
  • Is it possible to validate request objects on wildfly 16 using @Features (org.apache.cxf.validation.BeanValidationFeature)?

    Hi all. I would like to get information about the usage of the annotation from the javax.validation.constraints package when handling the SOAP request. I found features from org.apache.cxf.validation.BeanValidationFea...
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    last modified by John Wick
  • Wildfly migration 11problem

    Team ,   Any pointers on below .   17:37:18,584 ERROR [io.undertow.request] (default task-1) UT005023: Exception handling request to /: javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: valueSp...
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    last modified by Uday Soni
  • ClosedChannelException in WildFly-16

    WARNING [javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.application] (default task-17) JSF1064: Unable to find or serve resource, jsf.js, from library, javax.faces. WARNING [javax.enterprise.resource.webcontainer.jsf.app...
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    last modified by valsaraj viswanathan
  • Rest with Token based authentication

    Hi   Is there any example where I can get some idea how to define teiid model for rest based service which first execute another rest service to get a token and subsequently use that token in header for further...
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    last modified by sanku_74
  • Transparent deployment for Cluster and Standalone modes

    Hello,   we deploy an EAR file with session beans in Wildfly 9.0.2. We support standalone and cluster installations. At one point, I have found no way to support both modes transparently. The problem is with the...
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    last modified by Clemens August