• STM in Quarkus

    Hi there,   Here are some quick comments based on my reading of https://quarkus.io/guides/stm-guide   It's a bit unfortunate that the STM engine uses @Transactional (org.jboss.stm.annotations.Transactiona...
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    last modified by Emmanuel Bernard
  • 2019 日本 JBoss ユーザ・グループ勉強会

    ご無沙汰しています。日本 JBoss ユーザ・グループ サブリーダーの小林です。   今年あたり、久しぶりに勉強会を開こうと思うのですが、セッション、LT発表希望者募集します!   「JBoss」が何のくくりを表すか曖昧な今日この頃ですが、Wildfly でも Quarkus でも Drools でも、それっぽければなんでもいい、ということで!   とりあえず発表希望者は気軽に返信ください!
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    last modified by Toshiya Kobayashi
  • NullPointerException: org.wildfly.extension.microprofile.metrics.MetricCollector

    Used WildFly: 17.0.1.Final   1. Steps to reproduce: Start WildFly 2. Deploy simple WAR with an Entity (in my case"MyEntity"), a web.xml and persistence.xml. 3. Access metrics using *hostname*:9990/metrics ...
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    last modified by Timon Zilles
  • Wildfly 18.0.0 Final Application deployment

    Hi Guys,   I started using the latest wildfly version 18.0.0 Final (migrating from wildfly 13.0.0 and 17.0.0 Final) I am using a JSF based web application. I package my application as a .war file. When i deplo...
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    last modified by Naveen M
  • Distributed application on JBoss EAP 7.1 loses Session attributes

    Our Spring MVC project is running on JBoss EAP 7.1 with remote caching to DataGrid 7.2. We have observed occasional instances of Session Attributes not being found.   Logging shows entries like: 2019-10-11 16:13...
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    last modified by Peter Thorson
  • Problems with a filter-spec in Wildfly 15

    Is anyone aware of an issue with the filter-spec on a category in Wildfly 15?   Basically the problem is that a filter-spec like this doesn't appear to be doing any filtering...   match("Connection") ...
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    last modified by Dave Gannon
  • Deployment Order on Wildfly 11

    Hello,   The jboss-all.xml defines an order or a set of dependencies ? I.e if you have jboss-all.xml on the WEB-INF folder of app1.war, and you define app2.war as a dependecy are you stating :   1. Assure...
  • Cannot prevent wildfly from creating log file

    Hi All,   I try to prevent creating log files. My logging.properties is as below:   Note this file has been generated and will be overwritten if a # logging subsystem has been defined in the XML configur...
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    last modified by oğuz karakuş
  • Byteman stops working when there are more than 3 JSF applications deployed to JBoss

    Hi,   My byteman script works when there is one application with JSF 1.2 deployed to JBoss, I can see the logging. However, customer told me that the scripts work up to 3 different JSF applications were deployed...
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    last modified by Lei Yu
  • Intercept java.lang.Class#getAnnotation

    Hi all,   I'm trying to use Byteman to check whether annotations are read. This is my rule:   RULE check annotation is not read at runtime CLASS java.lang.Class METHOD getAnnotation IF true DO THROW new or...
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    last modified by Fabio Massimo Ercoli
  • CacheListerer : identify node that has updated an entry

    Hi,   I begin with infinispan, and I don't understand well the meaning of TransactionalEvent.isOriginLocal() getter method :   I've set a configuration for an distributed infinispan cache DIST_SYNC, with ...
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    last modified by Xavier Marquis
  • WeldJunit5 - bindResource and Wildfly resource injection- name versus lookup

    Hi   We use the weld test container a lot for testing our application, running in the latest wildfly release. We are extremely happy with weld for easy testing. There is one little thing which makes my life a b...
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    created by Ralf Battenfeld
  • How to ensure failover of Domain Controller?

    When Host Controller process gets started, it knows which DC to connect through the <remote> tag under the <domain-controller> tag in hosts.xml file. Suppose if the DC is down, HC tries for some 10 times, ...
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    last modified by Udit Mishra
  • WildFly 17 secmgr Permissions

    Hello,   I'm trying to setup WildFly 17 on Windows 10 to use the security manager without permission restrictions.  The plan is to allow all permissions initially, and then lock the system down later. I ha...
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    last modified by David Rogers
  • Debug port only bound to local address on wildfly 11

    I am able to get wildfly 11 (openjdk 11)to bind to all the external addresses using -b How do I accomplish the same thing for the debug port.  I run standalone.sh with --debug. When I do a netstat -plnt ...
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    last modified by Jeffrey Gaer
  • AccessController performance in Wildfly

    Hi all,   My team is in the process of upgrading our application from JBoss 4 to Wildfly 18 - yes, it's a big leap.  :-)  We have noticed an overall degradation in performance in Wildfly, and have rece...
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    last modified by Greg Brown
  • How to monitor/inspect the lra-coordinator

    I 'm experimenting Camel SAGA EIP with Narayana lra-coordinator implementation.   Is there a way to track a SAGA transaction/request from the lra-coordinator? I mean, from SAGA start to end... How many sagas co...
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    last modified by Rafael Soares
  • Teiid standalone - SQL Server insert into error

    We are encountering an error when using insert into select under SQL Server. The source table and the destination table are from 2 different databases under the same SQL Server. The exception is reproduced in the me...
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    last modified by mtawk
  • Active MQ bridge connection failing one one perticulat server

    The configuration of JMS bridge using wildfly 10 is working fine on 200 + systems But failing on one perticular system. Details of error are as below. Can some one help me to find the reason for this error   &...
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    created by savita sb
  • Infinispan on Openshift: Hotrod Exception

    Hello,   Infinispan 9.4.11 has been deployed on Openshift 3.11.43 using Infinispan operator using minimal configuration yaml. Practically, default configuration. Two deployments available, one has a 2-node clus...
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    last modified by Sameer Kaikini