• Publish messages to remote JMS provider in transaction

    I have the following code which sends messages to a remote jms provider(Tibco) in this case, I am looking for a solution to put the sending code into a Bean managed transaction or the usertransaction, but not sure how...
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  • What's the right way to reference a properties file in a WAR when its packaged in an EAR?

    I'm using Wildfly 11 and Spring 4.3.8.RELEASE.  I'm having a problem deploying an EAR file with a WAR module within it.  The structure of my EAR module is     [code] + EAR module   + META-INF ...
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    last modified by D. Alvarado
  • Security in Stored Procedures

    Hello together, I have a question regarding security in stored procedures. I have written a stored procedure which should update some configuration values of a user. Let"s assume the following example. I have a table...
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    last modified by Christoph John
  • How to implement EJB over HTTP for remote client

    This page from the WildFly 11 announcement says "if you are currently using 'remote+http://localhost:8080' as the target URI, you would change this to 'http://localhost:8080/wildfly-services'." There apparently is mor...
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    created by John Sipher
  • AuthenticationContext...  paint(Graphics g... .lookup("ejb:/ ?  (JBREM000308)

    Good day!   Can you please tell me how to access the EJB inside public void paint (Graphics g, ....?   public class olTabbedPaneUI extends BasicTabbedPaneUI { ... AuthenticationConfiguration common = Authe...
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  • Teiid Domain mode VDB deployment

    We are running Teiid 10.2.1 in domain mode on 2 servers. We are using admin API to deploy a VDB. VDB status is returning Active when it is ready on the master server while sometimes it is not yet Active on the worke...
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  • Is it possible to add a cache instance to the cachemanager?

    I implemented an AbstractDelegatingCache and want to add the Instance of the DelegatingCache to the cachemanager. As far as I can see we can only add caches via configuration and cachename. Is it possible in any man...
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    last modified by Andreas Deister
  • Accessing process variables in rule-task

    A simple question that has been bugging me for over a day now:   I have a simple process where user input needs to be evaluated by a rule-set, i.e. my rule-task needs to access read/write the variables in my (Ha...
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  • Narayana jbosstm quickstarts directory structure

    Hi all,   I would like to discuss with you the current structure of the Narayana quickstarts repository at GitHub - jbosstm/quickstart: The quickstarts for the narayana project   By my point of view it's a...
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    last modified by Ondra Chaloupka
  • How to configure JBOSS 7 consolemanagement

    First, you need to add an admin user to your managements memory realm database. JBoss 7 has a new process for adding this via a script instead of editing the props flat file directly.   SSH to JBOSS_HOME/contain...
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    last modified by Soujanya bargavi
  • Deployment hang upgrading from EAP 6.4.9 to 6.4.10

    There seems to be some changes implemented in JBoss EAP 6.4.10 that is causing deployment of our app to hang during startup.   --   "ServerService Thread Pool -- 50" #112 prio=5 os_prio=0 tid=0x000000001ed...
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    last modified by Daniel Carrion
  • Wildfly 11 : Identity generation 1 by 1 (no jumps between restarts)

    Hi,   I need some opinions on how to change a behavior regarding identity generation.   I have a project which is running on a version of Wildfly 11.   I'm using JPA in the project, with a persistenc...
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    created by zecas zecas
  • JBPM Multi-Instance loop Characteristics with “Sequential instead of Parallel Execution” not working

    We have requirement to use generate tasks depends on input variables but Task should be executed in Sequence instead of parallel. For above requirement I am using Multi-Instance Sub-process to generate the tasks base...
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    last modified by Nishant Parmar
  • Wildfly 11 - Use Gson instead of Jackson in JAX-RS

    Hello,   Is there a way to config Wildfly 11 to use Gson (instead of Jackson) in JAX-RS without writing customer Provider class ?   Thanks, Arkady
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    created by Arkady Zelekman
  • Obtaining and managing certificates from Let’s Encrypt using the WildFly CLI

    Since WildFly 14, it is possible to obtain and manage certificates from the Let’s Encrypt certificate authority using the WildFly CLI. In particular, it is possible to get a certificate from Let’s Encrypt,...
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    last modified by Farah Juma
  • AuthorizeCallback

    When call this method in HttpServerAuthenticationMechanism:   AuthorizeCallback authorizeCallback = new AuthorizeCallback (username, username); When I invoke the method always the answer is false and the user a...
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    created by Antonio Simancas
  • Hana as Datasource

    Hi, some time ago we deployed a VDB reading in SAP ECC system (Teiid 9.3.3) . Now we're going to upgrade SAP ECC to Hana and are looking for changing the Teiid Datasources in order to point to Hana instead of Microso...
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    last modified by Mirco Marchitiello
  • Size of BinaryStorage on the Filesystem bigger than expected

    Hi, we use Modeshape 5.4.1 in our product to save all kinds of data. We are using the FileSystemBinaryStorage and the binaries are stored under a folder /binaries. I will first try to explain the whole situation and ...
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    created by Marius Dienel
  • Wildfly 16 incorrect working log zip rotator

    Hello. My logging profile configuration is: 1) <periodic-size-rotating-file-handler name="FILE" rotate-on-boot="false" autoflush="true"> <level name="ALL"/> <file relative-to="jboss.server.log.d...
  • WARN [org.jgroups.protocols.TCP] (TQ-Bundler-7,ejb,keycloak-2) JGRP000032: keycloak-2: no physical address for keycloak-1, dropping message

    Hi, I'm trying to run keycloak 4.8.3 in kubernetes cluser and I noticed following warning in logs   WARN  [org.jgroups.protocols.TCP] (TQ-Bundler-7,ejb,keycloak-2) JGRP000032: keycloak-2: no physical addres...
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    last modified by Tomas Hradec