• "WFLYCTL0288: One or more services were unable to start due to one or more indirect dependencies not being available

    Not sure what i am missing dependencies in wildfly 9.0.2   ERROR [org.jboss.as.controller.management-operation] (Controller Boot Thread) WFLYCTL0013: Operation ("deploy") failed - address: ([("deployment" => ...
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    created by wildflyuser S
  • XAResource#end to return status for 1PC optimization

    Hi all,   there is a request of providing new "XAResource interface" which would be capable to return status on end method which can be utilized for 1PC optimization. The user request and the covering JBTM jira...
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    created by Ondra Chaloupka
  • Datasource Configured with Kerberos

    I am having a very difficult time getting a Datasource configured to use Kerberos for authentication.  I am sure I am doing something simple wrong, as I am new to this type of configuration.  Any help would ...
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    last modified by Ken Hoying
  • Spring web application - Migration from tomcat to wildfly

    Hi all. I have a spring web application that uses Tomcat.I am trying to migrate it to jBoss/Wildfly application server. When trying to deploy it, I get these errors:   Cannot upload deployment: {"WFLYCTL0080: Fa...
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    last modified by Heithem Nacer
  • This week in JBoss (25th May 2018): Updates from Summit and more

    Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial, our regular search through the JBoss Communities in search of interesting topic for all.   Updates from Red Hat Summit  Earlier this month saw the largest ...
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    last modified by Kevin Conner
  • WildFly 11, Elytron, Vaadin 8 LDAP authentication issue

    Hello. We are using Vaadin 8.3.2, CDIUI, and WildFly 11 with Elytron authentication. When we try and use an LDAP realm to login to the UI, instead of a DB realm, we get an exception when selecting a view from the main...
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    last modified by Tom Stiemerling
  • EJBCLIENT000025: No EJB receiver available

    Hello,   When I try to lookup for my ejb I can't get it, this exception come when I do this. I can ping my server but i can't have mys ejb, and I really don't know why... please help me     2018-05-1...
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    last modified by david dezere
  • How to configure and export/ import metadata for wildfly 11 final by following  SAML 2.0 standards  or any other standards ?How to configure and export/ import metadata for wildfly 11 final by following  SAML 2.0 standards  or any other standards ?

    How to configure and export/ import metadata for wildfly 11 final by following  SAML 2.0 standards  or any other standards ?
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    created by Lilly rose
  • Wildfly intgration with HBase integration using Teiid Importer.

    Hello All,   This morning i was trying to connect my Teiid with HBase and i read couple of blogs on how to use the HBase Translator with Phoenix Data Source to access the data in HBase. Below is the .jar file im...
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    last modified by Srinath Kankanala
  • VDB Versioning misunderstanding?

    Hi, i'm trying to use simple VDB versioning. I'm using just simple XML VDB deploy (placing into deployments dir): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <vdb name="test" version="1"> ...
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    last modified by Lukáš Svačina
  • java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Failed to link com/eaio/uuid/UUID

    i'm trying to use this project on wildfly 12 with jax-rs resteasy but i get the following error : Failed to define class com.eaio.uuid.UUID in Module "*.war" from Service Module Loader: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError...
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    last modified by armin momeni
  • WildFly Elytron Versions

    WildFly Elytron Versions    WildFly Elytron Version Elytron Schemas WildFly Elytron Tool WildFly Core Elytron Subsystem WildFly Key Features Next Release (1.4.0.Final) 1.3.3.Final elytron-1_0_1.xsd...
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    last modified by Darran Lofthouse
  • Wildfly-12.0.0 CLI: Issue with Commands larger than 1kB

    I found a regression on WF-12 in comparison to WF-10: Using WF-12, the CLI bail out on input bigger than 1kB text with an Out-Of-Bounds exception in a buffer If feed it from stdin. This don't happen with WF-10.  ...
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    last modified by Guido Jäkel
  • Infinispan concurrent modification exception after restarting a node

    Hi,   I just restart a second node in my cluster configuration, and I start getting errors for the infinispan:   12:12:57,249 DEBUG [org.jboss.as.config] (MSC service thread 1-3) Configured system properti...
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    last modified by Carlos Rodríguez Aguado
  • Widlfly 10.1.0 final Memory Leak Suspect.

    I have deployed my application on Wildfly 10.1.0 final, and after 1 hour of performance testing, the system goes extremely slow. I extracted a heapdump and analysed seems there is a memory leak suspect :    ...
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    last modified by Sumeeth Tewar
  • Co-located replication failover configuration in standalone-ha.xml EAP  7

    Is that possible to configure two messaging server nodes which that a single node have live,backup pair configured in standalone-ha.xml and demonstrate fail-over and fail back scenarios. If yes please post the xml files.
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    last modified by Kavintha Maduranga
  • Event not being called on my Custom PrimeFaces Component

    I have a problem developing a custom component using PrimeFaces, however it is working properly unless the event associated with it is not being called.     Here are the parts of this component for you to a...
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    last modified by Atlantica Soft
  • Need help in doployin a war file

    Hi, I am new to JBOSS EAP 6.4 with little knowledge of java.   I am trying to deploy my WAR file on EAP JBOSS 6.4 server, but getting an org.hibernate.InvalidMappingException: Unable to read XML org.xml.sax....
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    last modified by Sagar Vinayak
  • Merge arquillian.xml + dev.properties

    Hello everyone! Im very tired   How can I merge arqillian.xml with dev.properties?   My dep.properties: weblogic.password=weblogic1   My arquillian.xml: <?xml version="1.0"?> <arquillian x...
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    last modified by Timur Izmailov
  • Reading a configuration file

    Hello, there! I'm writing a web application, and planning to deploy it on JBoss AS 7.1. My application need to read some configuration properties from a file. Where should I put this configurations file within JBos...
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    last modified by Adrián Córdoba