• Configuring the Console for TLS access has broken CLI connect!

    Hello,   I have just configured standalone.xml to allow access with the Wildfly console using TLS (and http access now times out) using a Let's Encrypt cert. This is working well.  However, I have just disc...
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    last modified by Al Koch
  • JBoss Weekly 2018-11-16

    Welcome back! It has been a busy couple of weeks for us within Red Hat Middleware. Hot on the tails of Oracle CodeOne is Devoxx BE, followed shortly after by Devoxx MA!   Red Hat and IBM We want to start thing...
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    last modified by Jason Porter
  • Hibernate query cache always have cache miss even if result is retrieved from cache

    Hi,   Enabled  L2 cache, including query cache in Wildfly 10.1.0 Final, working with a standard standalone.xml configuration and project with JPA.         <shared-cach...
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    last modified by Andrius Karpavicius
  • Configuring multirow result for rest service

    Hi,   I'm trying to configure a REST service in Teiid.   I have this procedure definition:   CREATE PROCEDURE restnumber() RETURNS TABLE(     nr integer not null ) OPTIONS (   ...
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    created by gadeyne.bram
  • Extracting a trustore credential reference

    Hello everyone, I would like to extract the credential reference value from an elytron truststore in order to reference in my Keycloak trsustore SPI. The extract below is my truststore: <key-stores>  &...
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    last modified by Meissa Sakho
  • Problem while Connecting to MongoDB from WildFly - JBoss EAP

    Hello Team,   From last few days a try to connect mongodb nosql with wildfly - JBoss EAP. Download some setup for same - a.Quick starts for http://teiid.jboss.org/ Download quick start set up from https://gith...
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    last modified by sachin bante
  • Exception starting Infinispan

    Running Infinispan under Equinox OSGi. Been running a successful Junit test for last few weeks. But now trying to use in real environment and can't get Infinispan to start. Tried a few variations, giving somewhat diff...
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    last modified by Alain Picard
  • Wildfly 10 - How to call JCA connector from client code

    I need help with calling a JCA connector from my Java client application. I am trying to implement the basic resource adapter as described by the Hello World Resource Adapter tutorial: http://www.mastertheboss.com/jb...
  • configure infinispan state-transfer for replicated cache

    Why is it no longer possible to disable/enable initial-state-transfer for a replicated (infinispan) cache in wildfly? The "enabled" attribute was removed between jboss-as-infinispan_3.0.xsd and jboss-as-infinispan_4....
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    last modified by Thomas Houtekier
  • Auto Generate Rest Service from DDL based VBD

    Hi,   I'm wondering if this should work with a DDL based VBD.   In my schema I have this to declare some virtual view.   SET SCHEMA izisviews; CREATE VIEW tv_numbers (   nr integer not null, ...
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    last modified by gadeyne.bram
  • Teiid 11.2.0 / Wildfly 11.2 with SAPUI5 / OPENUI5 communication problem

    Hello together, I am trying to use SAPUI5 in a Single Page App to display data from a TEIID VDB. When SAPUI5 ODATA V4 data model is bound to the odata service I run into several errors. One note on that, I connect vi...
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    last modified by Christoph John
  • TEIID15005 Error Calling HTTP Service - 401 Unauthorized

    Hi All,   I am new the JDV and consuming the  Restful web service as my data source. we are passing the 'authorization' as a key and value as 'bearer token' through the header. After import, Test the connec...
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    last modified by Thirumaran PM
  • set non static parameters in the non-pushdown udfs

        Hey,   we are using teiid along with some encryption code and wanted to have the support of java udfs with non-static external parameter which can change for each call of the udf.   for ...
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    created by Lalit Verma
  • JBossMetro Client- Unable to access WS deployed at remote se

    Hi, I got one more problem while using Metro client for a remote webservice. I have one WS, which is deployed at our local server and i am able to connect it by mentioning full location of the WSDL (http://localhost:...
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    last modified by Tirumal Reddy M
  • Memory allocation per Application

    hi,   appreciate your support in memory management subject as i have many applications deployed to the standalone wildfly and i need manage memory assignment per application as there are some memory consuming ap...
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    last modified by mohamed saad
  • Can't be initialized! Application will not run!: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: URI scheme is not "file"

    Hi everyone, I really need help as I have been stuck on this problem,   I am deploying an application.WAR in jboss7. Failed deploy result The log shows me the following: 17: 48: 39,893 WARN [org.apache.myfac...
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    last modified by Geiner Hidalgo
  • OData behind reverse NGINX proxy

    We got the following situation; Our servers use NGINX as a SSL terminating reverse proxy in order to handle our SSL requests. Situation sketch: Outside Interwebs 443 -> NGINX -> EAP/Teiid  8080   Thi...
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    last modified by Marc Kusters
  • Can't access Wildfly 10 console through TLS/HTTPS port.

    Hello,   I am running Wildfly 10 on Ubuntu 16.4 and have implemented TLS using a certificate from Let's Encrypt.  Here is standalone.xml:   <socket-binding-group name="standard-sockets" default-int...
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    last modified by Al Koch
  • update and delete with WHERE condition not working with Delimited flat file(header true)

    Hi Team,   We have observed that in case of Delimited Header True files at FTP/Sftp location, we are unable to execute update and delete queries specifically having where conditions. We are able to execute simpl...
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    last modified by Rujuta Samant
  • WildFly Full 14.0.1.Final: InvalidStateError

    I've gone thru some of the quickstart-14.0.1. This looked good so far. Then I deployed the contacts-jquerymobile.war. But when I click the View button in the main-server-group an InvalidStateError is thrown. ...
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    created by Wolfgang Mayer