• Add driver in domain mode

    Hello everyone,   I'm running my wildfly 10.0.0.Final in domain mode and want to add a datasource to a Mysql-Server.   I tried to deploy the jdbc.jar to the server with this command: deploy <path-to-fil...
    David Wennemaring
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  • How to disable legacy security and enable Elytron in WF 11 ?

    Hi all, I can see the lastest release of WildFly 11 has both Elytron and the legacy security subsystem. When starting, the legacy subsystem seems the default one:   2017-09-21 15:37:46,229 INFO  [org.jboss...
    Mylos Kathos
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  • Using MVC 1.0 (part of Java EE 8) in WildFly

    Ozark is Oracle's upcoming reference implementation of the upcoming MVC standard in Java EE 8. Since MVC will be based on JAX-RS, Ozark will be based on Oracle's Jersey.   Therefore, I think that Ozark (and the ...
    Juergen Zimmermann
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  • JBPM 7 Could not find work item handler for Rest

    I'm running JBPM 7.1.0.Final using the show case docker images for the jbpm workbench and kie-server and have a simple little workflow that includes a REST node. When the execution gets to the REST node (via a timer n...
    Brian Wallis
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  • Help with Vulnerabilities in Teiid 9.0.1

    We are using Teiid 9.0.1 in our project(Application Management Project - product) to query one of  the databases .   We have ran a securability scan and found the below two vulnerabilities reported with res...
    Durgadatta Sahu
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  • WF 10.1, how to not escape JAX-WS content

    Hi,   I have a simple web service that returns a String containing a database-generated XML message. OOTB the JAX-WS implementation apparently escapes characters so that < becomes &lt; and so on. Is there...
    Nicklas Karlsson
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  • Not able to run query

      up vovotefavori     I am using JBDS 10.4 with WildFly 10,Teiid Designer 10. Successfully made a VDB by following the link: https://developer.jboss.org/wiki/SalesforceAsARESTServiceUsingDataVirtuali...
    vijay vijay
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  • Configuring from URL: resource:jboss-log4j.xml

    Hello I am new to jboss so if anyone knows how to solve this issue... please let me know. I see a lot of discussion on this topic but no resolution was posted. tks   Issue: I installed the new server an...
    Martina Morrissey
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  • Jboss Registration

    All,   Hi guys Please could you help me on below questions please ??   (This seems like a small questions but I'm having a doubtful situation.)   1.) Please tell me how to register my current unregis...
    Maduranga Gunathilake
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  • Failing to deploy webapp business-central.war

    Long story short, there were some developers here who completely screwed up the business-central.war application to the point that I had to delete the directory and copy it back over.  Since copying a previous ve...
    Chris mPazdersky
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  • Analysis / Design - Advanced SSL Use Cases

    Analysis  Summary  The Elytron subsystem contains a key-store resource with operations that can be used for basic KeyStore manipulation (i.e., load, remove-alias, store, read-alias(es)). This task is to pro...
    Farah Juma
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  • This week in JBoss (21 Sept 2017)

    Happy Java 9 day! Hope everyone is enjoying a new version of Java and getting used to Jigsaw. Sorry, we missed last week, but we’ll get you all caught up here. Again, our hearts go out to those affected by the n...
    Jason Porter
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  • Problem with font size in designer 3.1.7 on Mac

    Hi ! My company still uses this designer and I have one question. It might be actually relevant for all of the versions.   I started developing on Mac (I was on Linux previously). And Viewer of processdefintion...
    Andy Rozman
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  • Caused by: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "C:\Program" (in directory "C:\jboss_5.2\jboss-eap-5.2\bin"): CreateProcess error=267, The directory name is invalid

    Hello,   I'm trying to run the Greeter.java test example using the JBoss AS 5.1 Managed container.  When I try to run the JUnit test from eclipse, this is the full error message that I get:   org.jbos...
    David Martin
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  • NullpointerException in artemis-server-1.1.0.wildfly-017 and artemis-server-1.5.5.jbossorg-007.jar when using MQTT

    I'm trying to get MQTT working on wildfly-10.1.0.Final. I already jumped through a few hoops as explained here: activeMQ-MQTT integration broken in Wildfly-10.1.0.Final? When I try to connect to my server using an m...
    Thomas Houtekier
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  • WildFly 11: Using Elytron on the client side

    Hi,   I try to dig my way through client login using Elytron (JavaEE application client, launched through "appclient.bat").   Question 1: for a programmatic login, it seems I need some JAR files on client ...
    Wolfgang Knauf
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  • J2EE Connector Architecture Integration

    Hi,   I have to configure in Wildfly the J2EE Connector Architecture, in order to allow a WebService developed in a J2EE Application to connect with an EIS (Enterprise Information System).   I have read th...
    Miguel Abril
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  • Failed to create artifact with ref name restItemReader.

    What could cause the restItemReader to fail to be created? I'm assuming this is defined just like beanIOItemReader or any other reader delivered with Jberet. I have attached the jsl.     2017-09-20 08:46:24...
    Richard Moore
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  • JAX-WS Client JBoss Modules/jboss-deployment-structure.xml Configuration

    I have an EAR application, which is deployed to a standalone WildFly 9.0.2.Final server, in which I want to use a JAX-WS client.   The JAX-WS client is written using standard JAX-WS APIs, so it does not target a...
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  • Infinispan 8.2.4.Final - TimeoutException: ISPN000299: Unable to acquire lock after 2 seconds for key & ISPN000136: Error executing command PutKeyValueCommand, writing keys

    I have 3 tomcat under 3 different VMs, the web app under each tomcat is using Infinispan 8.2.4.Final as embedded mode, distributed cache, owners = 3, by putAsync I got 3 kinds of exception when put item volume grew ...
    Zefa Guan
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