• How to change tmp folder location, used by server for WAR's needs and file upload?

    I use a WildFly 10 on Linux. There are several WARs and EARs deployed on this server. One of them lets an end user upload patches to the server. A <t:inputFileUpload> (tomahawk.jar by Apache) is used for this ac...
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    last modified by sergey gav
  • Wildfly 11 with multiple datasources

    Hi,   I am using Wildfly 11. I want to deploy  multiple instances of web application with different datasources(jndi). like in tomcat we define data source in server.xml under context tag. Which means for e...
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    created by srisailam yadav
  • How do I add a resource to a Java archive using ShrinkWrap

    My use-case: I am basically adding tests to the open source library TestNG. As part of test, I need to test if TestNG is able to properly work with a jar file and extract out tests from it. Earlier we had a pre-built ...
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    last modified by Krishnan Mahadevan
  • Message level security(MLS) in jBoss

    Greetings,   I am working in migrating my application from IBM WAS 6.1 to JBoss . My application has Webservices running on WAS 6.1. and secured via IBM datapower. In the existing approach, MLS(Message level sec...
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    last modified by Selvakumar Thiyagarajan
  • Starting wildfly 11 with activemq in arquillian fails

    I have testet arquillian with wildfly 11 in standalone-configuration without any problems. But when i start the server with standalone-full.xml I can't get it to work.   I test it with a very simple war-project...
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    last modified by phantumas
  • Cluster listeners Management

    Hello Infinispan Gurus,   Scenario: I am using server-client cluster model on Infinispan and I have query regarding clustered listener management. I have multiple caches and for each cache I have one producer ...
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    last modified by nishant ranjan
  • Executing DML on Teiid VDB

    I am interested to know if I can execute DMLs on a VDB created through Teiid whose source is an Oracle 10g XE database and will the DMLs also affect my primary/physical datasource (i.e. Oracle 10g XE database).  ...
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    last modified by Bibhuti Bhusan
  • where to define ALLOW_UNESCAPED_CHARACTERS_IN_URL property to allow characters like {|}`^\><#" in URLs

    Hi, I am using Jboss 7.1 and my application (huge code base) uses special characters like {|}`^\><#"  in URLs. Jboss 6.4 path 17 Redhat resolution to vulnerability that blacklisted those characters in URL,...
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    last modified by Milan Desai
  • EAP 7.1 High CPU Consumption in Production

    Hi,   We have upgraded the server from EAP 6 to EAP7.1 last week, but EAP 7.1 consuming CPU around 100% in production with just default configuration and also see latency issue..   Same application was wor...
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    last modified by Narayana Karumuri
  • How to change the order of parameters in a procedure?

    Hi,   I would like to change the order of the parameters in a procedure but see no possibility for this. I tried modifying the .xmi file but that resulted in an error. What is the right way to change it? We're...
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    last modified by Martin Jesterhoudt
  • java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.hibernate.ejb.EntityManagerImpl

    I want to port a war file to JBoss 7.1. I deployed the existing war file, but got an exception:   Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/hibernate/ejb/EntityManagerImpl   at com.hp.dtag.pmo.SchemaC...
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    last modified by Steffen Buchholz
  • Metaspace out of memory after number of redeployments of war

    Hi,   After undeploying and (re)deploying a war module in JBoss EAP 7.1 a number of times we experience an outofmemory error of the metaspace.   See following classloader analysis made with mat after the f...
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    last modified by Huub Sepers
  • Problems in Deployment of ear when migrating from Jboss 5 to 7

    doing migration stuff for our application..   First the error comes for Required services that are not installed and then Services with missing/unavailable dependencies" =>   "WFLYCTL0412: Required ser...
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    last modified by Shubham Gupta
  • Spring Boot version - 1.4.6 - War not deploying correctly in Wildfly 8.2.0

    @ Hi,   I am able to run the Spring Application as a jar with all the functionalities.   But I am getting the following when I am deploying the following errors. I have also used the application.propertie...
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    last modified by Nitin Shetty
  • Teiid connect to REST DataSource with HTTP Header

    I have been trying to get this to work for days. I have a fairly simple Rest Webservice data source, to which I connect by passing an Authorization header with a token. It works fine in Teiid Designer, but when I dep...
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    last modified by Mathieu Rampant
  • jBPM document as a variable

    Hi, I have a simple process on jBPM6.2 with 2 user tasks: User1 uploads a file and User2 sees the file.   The input form has a document type field bind to the output (first task). When I run an instance and atte...
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    last modified by Alex Chen
  • Unable to add SOAP node to column

    I am a newbie to Teiid. I get the following error on "Create Relational Model from Webservice" when selecting user-specific procedure: An error has occurred. See error log for more details. The node type with id Ele...
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    last modified by Leonard Hoskins
  • How to change oracle schema on run time in createResultSetExecution override method.

    Hi Everyone , I am writing a translator  to an orcalce db. How can i change the QueryExpression command object schema. i have a query some thing like below coming up there. Select g_0.id from "Schema_1"."Table...
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    last modified by Kamran Muhammad
  • Wildfly 11 - lazy loading in hybernet

    Hello,   EJB annotation OneToOne with LAZY fetch type doesn't work in Wildfly 11.   We are trying following:   @OneToOne(cascade = CascadeType.ALL, fetch = FetchType.LAZY, mappedBy = "device") @Laz...
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    last modified by Arkady Zelekman
  • Wildfly LDAP login from java webapp

    Hi people,   I want to add a login feature to my web portal using a form embedded in my index page. The form invoke a JSF actionlistener that validate the user and return the outcome to the next page... I want...
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    last modified by Néstor Almeida