• Downloads and Documentation Unavailable

    Hello ModeShape Community,   I was trying to download the latest version (5.4.0) but for some reason the Downloads and Documentation links seem to be broken:     Google results for the 5.4.0 downloa...
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  • Fetching System properties from Jboss EAP server

    I am moving from IBM server to JBoss EAP server. In IBM we have WAS console having resource environment properties that will be at server level, and could be used in our code to define the region where the server is, ...
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    last modified by Deepika Bhabal
  • rollback transaction does not work

    I created a narayana-artemis-springboot project based on quickstart stock market sample but it does not rollback transaction in case of throwing exception and data will be saved to database.   here is the full s...
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  • ERROR [org.jboss.msc.service.fail] (MSC service thread 1-2) MSC000001: Failed to start service jboss.deployment.subunit."ee.ear"."ee.war".POST_MODULE: org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service jboss.deployment.subunit."ee.ear"."ee.war".POST_MODULE:

    ERROR [org.jboss.msc.service.fail] (MSC service thread 1-2) MSC000001: Failed to start service jboss.deployment.subunit."ee.ear"."ee.war".POST_MODULE: org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service jboss.deployment.s...
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  • Error trying to rename method in Eclipse

    Eclipse>>Check For Updates doesn't show any JBoss Tools recent changes.   What steps will reproduce the problem? 1. I am working on in a Java project. 2. select method in Outline 3. Refactor->Rename...
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    last modified by Bob Smith
  • Configuring MDB and MQ in jboss 7.1

    Hi,      I was using jboss 6.4 before now i am migrating to jboss 7.1 and MQ 8,  We have used jboss-ejb3.xml to configure MDBs and MQs, But after migrating to jboss 7.1 i am getting following erro...
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  • Replacement for Switchyard..

    Dear Folks,   Guess its a very old story now, but can someone point to me documents on why Switchyard is being de-supported please? Also what is the path to replace it?   Best Regards   Ravi
  • Deploy a process created in Eclipse to JBPM 7.1.0.Final

    In JBPM 6.x i know how to deploy manually a process created in eclipse. As shown in this video:   JPinup - JBPM 6 deploy from an Eclipse project - YouTube   In JBPM 7.1.0.Final i can't find a way to deplo...
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  • Wildfly debugging in Eclipse guidance

    I have a web application running on top of Wildfly 10 which is developed in Eclipse. We've encountered a problem where for some reason AJAX style requests are not triggering the reset of the session timeout informatio...
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    last modified by Boyd Nolan
  • WildFly 15, get password ejb-remote: "Remote EJB Client Example"

    Good day!   There is a very large system built on JBoss 6. To log in to the user, the username and password to connect to the database I must take from the client side of the program. The username and password ...
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  • Disable sync for specific entries in replicated-cache (Infinispan)

    Hi,   I am using replicated-cache to sync entries of Infinispan cache that is running on 2 Docker images. I face some technical problems, so I would like to disable sync for a specific cache entry. How to perfo...
  • MQ Howto?

    Hi All   Pretty new to the whole JBoss thing.   I am looking for a Howto or something on getting MQ and Message Driven Beans to play nice. I've installed MQ (7.1.0-2) and latest nightly build of JBoss 7.2....
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    last modified by Thinus Pollard
  • Wildfly 13 - File Upload Leak (Undertow)

    I migrated recently from JBossAS 7.1.1 (Java 7) to Wildfly 13 (Java 8).   Almost everything was fine, but, before 2 days running, the server stopped working with a lot of errors of "Too many open files".   ...
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    last modified by Lucas Basquerotto
  • Reverse proxy redirection in wildfly 12?

    I currently have several socket-bindings for several keystores. 3 of these socket bindings and IP combos are being decommissioned. How can I have Wildfly redirect those IPs to a different URL? I can't really find much...
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  • Log compression on rotation

    I've found this feature mentioned here : [LOGMGR-30] Support automatic log file compression in FileHandler (for compressing all files in real time) and PeriodicR…    But I'm not able to set this con...
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    last modified by Marco Rossi
  • Wildfly 15 wildfly-maven-plugin problem

    We're planning to migrate from Wildfly 8.2.1 to Wildfly 15. However, we're getting an error executing Wildfly Maven Plugin. It's complaining about an Unexpected element '{urn:jboss:cli:3.4}jboss-cli' and jboss-cli.xml...
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  • non-ASCII passwords not working with Elytron and Active Directory

    We are using WildFly 15.0.1 and Elytron to connect to Active Directory. Users with a diaeresis ¨ in the password can not log in, Active Directory claims the password is wrong. We assume this is an encoding problem...
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    last modified by Philippe Marschall
  • Is it possible to add a cache instance to the cachemanager?

    I implemented an AbstractDelegatingCache and want to add the Instance of the DelegatingCache to the cachemanager. As far as I can see we can only add caches via configuration and cachename. Is it possible in any man...
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    last modified by Andreas Deister
  • Failed to start service jboss.undertow.deployment.default-server.default-host./webserviceTest: org.jboss.msc.service.StartException in service jboss.undertow.deployment.default-server.default-host./webserviceTest: java.lang.RuntimeException: RESTEASY0039

    Hello,   I'm trying to test my webservice with a resteasy client and I get this error when i try to start the server  :   Failed to start service jboss.undertow.deployment.default-server.default-hos...
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    last modified by Rodrigue Gbarssin
  • How to disable the state transfer for the Cache mode INVALIDATION_ASYNC ?

    We get many errors for the state transfer, although we use the INVALIDATION_ASYNC cache mode and do not want the state transfer to take place between the nodes on the clusters. The errors are like below:   I su...
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