Version 3

    JBoss MicroKernel Configuration




    The configuration is made up of a number of different layers.




    • Kernel configuration - defines implementation classes and config of kernel services


    • Profile - defines what Systems/Subsystems/POJOs are active.


    • Deployment aspects - what processing is done for each deployment.


    • POJO metadata - defines the POJO/Service (e.g. what configuration is required, default values, what the service provides, dependencies, etc.)


    • POJO configuration - the real configuration (e.g. the attribute values, the dependents, etc.)




    Kernel configuration




    The kernel configuration is used by the initial bootstrap.




    • Implementation classes, e.g. POJO vs AOP/JMX kernel


    • Container configurations for kernel services and default container configurations for other services.


    • Metadata for kernel services.


    • Initial deployment aspects


    • Initial VFS configuration


    • Initial profile








    Defines the POJOs to be activated.




    • List of POJOs and required state.


    • Location of configuration for each POJO.




    Deployment aspects




    • The aspects to process deployments.




    POJO Metadata




    • Similar to MBeanInfo but without dependency on JMX


    • Additional Metadata for IOC/New Clustering implementation




    POJO Configuration




    • Similar to -service.xml