Version 6

    JBoss Microkernel Deployment




    The deployer is a production line of aspects.








    • Deploy - deploy a url


    • Undeploy - undeploy a url


    • Redeploy - redeploy a url








    Example aspects:




    • Class enhancement - defines any bytecode manipulation mechanism


    • Classloading - defines where resources and classes can be loaded


    • Bean metadata - determines the metadata for the POJOs.


    • Bean deployer - instantiates POJOs/services similar to -service.xml


    • Profile deployer - deploys profile information, e.g. which services should be started


    • Logging - deploys logging configuration


    • Security - deploys JAAS configuration




    Virtual File System (VFS)




    The virtual file system will allow the deployment to deal with a deployment in a transparent manner.




    • Handles protocol specific behaviour


      • file:/





      • Consistent view of the deployment


    • Handles special behaviour, e.g. war and ear deployments


    • Allows overrides of deployment locations, e.g. alt-dd or deployment from an IDE